We have arrived! After 7.5hr and 460 miles of mostly sun, with temps in the 50-60F, and traffic easing off the further north we drove; traffic was bit heavy as we left Winchester and around Scranton, PA, but otherwise better than yesterday.

Little to comment on except the later spring leaf-out compared to Alabama. Lots of truck traffic. Gas stations encourage masking still but only about 50% are wearing one, with women more compliant than men! [FYI: the most recent assessment of mask effectiveness suggests there is no benefit to keeping one on when outdoors (unless you are standing cheek-to-cheek with a group - maybe)]

On arriving at Alex. Bay, stopped at the Wine & Spirits store to assess the accuracy of the research by Marg and it was accurate: paid only $28 for a 1 L. bottle of J.W.Red scotch.

The Riveredge Resort is just starting to get busy--but we are one of only a few rooms taken today [4 floors, 40/floor], so have a nice and quiet location on the St. Lawrence River, facing West, looking at the town of Alex. Bay, while sipping a scotch. They just opened their restaurant [a 4-star quality based on local reviews] and we will sample it tonight.

Water levels are indeed low - the Admiral estimates the level is at least 1ft down on the pilings.

Tomorrow we go to the marina office and then to the boat [12miles - have to drive back 5miles to the 'big' bridge, go 2mi. over to Wellesley Is, and drive another 5mi. back East to the Thousand Is. Club Marina, where the boats are -- which we can almost see directly across the river from our hotel!].

Admirals Comments: Greetings all.

Its good to finally be here. We were both in that "hurry up and wait" mode. It's very cool and very windy here! Definitely not pleasure boating weather. Should improve in a few days. Definitely a northern spring day. The trees seem about a month behind Florence. Some are barely showing leaves. A few cherry trees are in bloom and there are beautiful tulips here at the hotel. I think they do better in cooler weather.

An interesting drive today: traveled from Virginia, to WV, to MD, and into PA in the first 45 min.! Then eventually into NY.

We are pooped and will have a quiet evening. That's all for now.


Deedee - 12 May 2021 - Can you ship me a couple gallons ? Lol