Woke to a clear, cool sunny day, temp 40F, no winds - see photos. Drove to the Horizon Marina office in town to pay bills and get some docking information. Shot photos of the view across the St. Lawrence to Wellesley I. with Boldt Castle and Thousand Is. Horizon Marina just across from our hotel.

We drove to the island and marina - 10 miles including the Thousand Is. Bridge. D.A. looks great, but could use a wee bath - the fellow who did the waxing/finishing was on the service dock and he still had to wash ours this week.

The hull craftsman who refurbished out swim platform and rub rail crazing, etc, will be back to realign the SB sliding door. The swim platform is about 3" shorter because he had to grind out the corners, etc. to keep it even/balanced. That shortened 3" should keep us out of any future mishaps!!

We transferred the boxes, etc from the SUV to the boat and checked off most of the systems. All electrical, heating, plumbing, appear fine. The electrician installed the battery monitor system that tells me what the state of charge is for each battery bank. At the Admirals direction, dropped an ounce of bleach into each water tank with about 20 gal water and ran through the system; will flush out again tomorrow.

Contacted our itinerant captain and confirmed our Welland Canal transit date is now Friday, May 28. Purchased the reservation on-line and completed items for customs, etc.

At 3:30 we took ourselves to the hotel bar in time for happy hour and a bar meal of beef/bacon/caramelized onion/bacon jam sliders, with sweet potato fries and honey -- all v.good; had a solo guitarist/singer all to ourselves.

From the Admirals Desk:

It's good to back on the boat, but need to get reacquainted with everything. We met the folks on the boat behind us; loopers from Dallas that just sold their house and are setting out for their second loop. We've met a a few others that continue on cruising as they can't think of anything more interesting to do! I think we won't be doing that! That's all folks. Stay safe.


Deedee - 13 May 2021 Beautiful day and area!

Ernie - 13 May 2021 Funny how that castle looks like TP for a quick glance! Great to see DA back in the water, bet you all will be glad to be back on board. I sense a more relaxed start to the journey, am sure the fine food/drink has nothing to do with that!

Robert & Margaret - 14 May 2021 You have a way with words!! The fine food/drink has been enhanced by the great wx and a sparkling boat!!!!

Janice - 14 May 2021 Beautiful day here in northern SK. 17C light winds and a rain shower to freshen things up.