Had a more pleasant drive today, leaving Cookeville, TN Hampton Inn at 08:50 and driving I-40 in occasional showers to Knoxville, TN after which we turned off to I-81 up to Winchester, VA, total of 526 miles, arriving at the Hampton Inn at 18:15/6:15 [after losing an hour; so total drive time was 8h25m].

Still notices on gas stations and the hotels requiring masking and distancing.

Grabbed a veggie delight from the Subway next door and had a scotch for supper; with a vegan, gluten-free chocolate chip cookie from Dana [Chris's wife]. During this dining excursion, we discussed the liquor taxation among the States and the Admiral, wanting to ensure we would get the most for our purchasing dollar while on the road, conducted a research into this and found that Alabama ranks #4 in taxation! NY is #23, TN is #35, and VA is #3!!! Therefore, based on the evidence, we will buy our next bottle of scotch when we get to Alexandria Bay, NY!! [tax difference per gallon of spirits is from $18 in AL, to $4 in TN, $19 in VA, and $6 in NY.!!!]

Our boat is now in the water at the marina as of today; they sent us notification with a photo of it at the dock, plus the wifi and bathroom codes for the dock.

That's all for today. Tomorrow, we will be at the Riveredge Resort in Alexandria Bay for a few nights until we have things sorted on Doc's Aweigh.

Stay safe.

Admirals Desk:

I don't have much to add to Rob's comments. We got up, we drove and we're here. The scenery on I 81 is always beautiful. Spring is still unfolding as we travel north. The trees are not quite fully leafed out compared to Florence, especially in the higher elevations. I expect tomorrow will show the same. Temps are cool and the evenings are cooler.

Not seeing very many masks now. We still mask at indoor stops. Hopefully our shots keep us safe!

Until tomorrow.


Janice - 11 May 2021 - Have you had both your shots?

Robert & Margaret - 12 May 2021 Yes, we both have had both shots. It was a relief! We are able to resume a limited social life.