Days Events:

Left Oswego at 07:15, cloudy, though warm at 57; wx predicted to be 83F this pm with possible TSM. Travel was overall 'easy' with only about 2 hrs of 1-2 ft waves on the bow; winds were predicted 7-12 from SW - and were. So, fortunately our course made travel into the waves and bow not uncomfortable and we ran initially at 11mph but then bumped up to 12 mph which made even the waves easier to manage. Once we were closer to the Rochester shore area we were more protected, with less fetch buildup, and travel was quite enjoyable. Saw only a few boats after the cluster that rushed out before sunrise from Oswego to fish.

Arrived at Rochester Port marina at 12:30 - 5.3hr travel, speeds 10-12.5mph, over 57miles; the marina is part of the 'port authority' for customs, modern and well kept; has 55 slips with 30 transients; the large buildings seen in the photos are the immigration and customs controls for the Port of Rochester. We didn't have to go through that!

There is another looper boat here, trying to get through the Welland to get their boat home to Chicago;

Photos: took one surreptitiously of the Admiral tending our fenders as we left Oswego this a.m. A few of the marina.

Planning: we will be here until Monday, then to Bootleggers Cove in Wilson Harbor.

***Just received word, at 18:00/6pm, that the CBSA [Canadian customs] has changed their mind and is not allowing us to remain onboard during the transit of Welland. Well, poop!! Our hired captain will now find 2 other crew to take our boat while we will find a hotel to stay in during the Friday, the 28th, since we don't know how long it could take them - anywhere from 8-16hrs!!! So, better to stretch out in a hotel for the day, JIC [just in case]. We have a spot reserved on the bulkhead on the Niagara R. in Youngstown, NY for Wed and Thurs, so the captain and crew can assume control of D.A. Friday a.m. by 7a.m. Rolling with the punches.

Tomorrow, we will get an Uber for groceries.

From the Desk of the Admiral:

Overall a pretty good trip. Relative to some of our previous big water trips it was pleasant. Nothing fell over and the dishes weren't crashing around in the cabinets.

This a pretty nice marina and the first with any security. There is no access to the docks other than a locked gate, unless you come in by boat. I suspect that because this is a port of entry there is monitoring of boats arriving as well.. A guy hopped the fence beside us to fish (caught one in about 2 minutes) but was told to leave in about 5 minutes. There is a "moat" between the boats and the bank with big rocks.

Made my first attempt at lassoing a cleat as the dock help was not in sight. Not a smooth effort, the docks are really low, but did get a line on one. Dock help then arrived. I had watched some Utube demos and practiced this, fortunately. Need more practice!๐Ÿ˜

Meatloaf for supper tonight. Also made a corn salad. [captains note: vg, vg] Leftovers tomorrow.

Time for the dishes, so good night!


Ernie R - 23 May 2021 Bummer not being able to stay on boat! You all might try letting Marg run boat and Rob can lasso the cleats!

Robert & Margaret - 23 May 2021 Marg would run the boat right up on the dock, negating the need for lines.