Days Events:

Wx has been cloudy and cooled off in the afternoon to 68F, threat of rain or TSM. Winds S 8-12.

Cleaned off the aft deck diesel stains - didn't realize how much was there until had cleaned the transom! Also fixed the stbd porthole leak in our stateroom from the waves splashing yesterday; just tightend the frame.

Helped a 60' Tiara dock; he came up from Brewerton [on Erie Canal] and was able to stay cruising 30mph from Oswego, even with 3-5' waves!! They bought kept it in Brewerton over winter and are taking it back to Canada - they hope! They live outside Toronto. Were unable to drive over the border to get the boat, so had to take a helicopter and have their car trucked on a flat deck commercially, so they could then drive down to Brewerton. They are going to Wilson Harbor tomorrow for a couple of weeks and make arrangements to get back into Canada. He won't have any trouble with tomorrows waves.

Photos: the admiral took a night shot last night and then one of the wildflowers along the marina banks.

Planning: to Wilson Harbor tomorrow at Bootleggers Cove Marina. Will keep the rpm's at 1800 and see how much staining.

Change in plans UPDATE: as of 17:00/5pm, forecast now shows 3' waves from the east; we have decided, that being wx wussies, such travel is not considered pleasurable; will wait till Tues. when winds are Southerly and waves off this shore are '0'!!

From the Desk of the Admiral.

Busy day. Laundry, cleaned the bathrooms😝, organized the Instacart order, which was unusually disorganized, stuff kept disappearing from my list, the wrong address and name appeared on the order, the shopper kept texting about substitutions and eventually arrived with one thing missing and one item I didn't order. Got the beer right though.

Then I Ubered to a liquor store for wine and scotch, curbside pickup. Grocery stores can only sell beer, and liquor stores can only sell wine and spirits. Goofy licensing rules in NY. Gas stations can sell beer.

Tues is looking very calm so staying here an extra day. One less day at Wilson harbor. Still works for getting to the Welland for the transit on the 28th.

Having takeout again to night. There is a restaurant in the marina, mostly burgers. I'll have to cook tomorrow. The extra down day here calls for something that can take a little longer. I have a new tandoori style grilled chicken I want to try.

Probably will have to do a few more cleaning chores.😝 I guess that's all for tonight.


Ernie R - 24 May 2021 Great night vision photo, we expect many more! Three foot not bad, just plot a more comfortable course.