Days Events:

Wx - about as perfect as possible for boat travel - sunny, 70's, no waves!

Boat - no problems!

Travel - We had a great day to start back on the water, leaving Alex.Bay at 07:20, travelling upstream among the 1000 Islands on the St.Lawrence River and after 30 miles entered L.Ontario [see photos]. After another 43 miles of 'open' water, we reached Oswego, NY, on the south shore of L.Ontario, at 14:10, 6.8hrs later; same place we exited the NY canals last fall. Only saw 1 freighter and about 3 or 4 small craft all day. Water was like glass at times on the lake, with a short spell of ripples to a foot waves on the bow.

The St. Lawrence has a speed limit for the first 20 miles west of Alex.Bay [8knots], but then we were able to push the throttles to the sub-sonic level of 12-13 mph - almost would make boating friend Ernie envious of how fast we can go!! L.Ontario is deep - it was 512' as we approached the S.shore!

Having a beer together now; we are fatigued, even though the cruise was easy and uneventful; mostly the stress of the first day back and being on 'open' water, I think!!

Post takeout supper, which was vg [2 block walk away for fish/chips], washed off the diesel staining on the transom and swim platform [used mild auto detergent and brush]; some folks have said we shouldn't be getting so much staining; others have said it is to be expected. Once we get home, I'll pull the injectors and have them tested and cleaned, as the mechanic in Alex.Bay suggested they are the most likely cause since there are 1100 hours on them now.

Photos: several, including homes along the St.Lawrence, a v.large channel marker [probably 10-12' high] for all the freighter traffic; there's one with a home next to the rather extensive boathouse - the door of the latter for the boat must have a remote control opener; someone asked for a photo of what L.Ontario looks like - so there is one; also one of the 1000 Is. bridge - it's the first bridge east of Niagara Falls. Took one showing the 3 chartplotters we now use - the one is on the left is part of the boat and the other 2 are Galaxy TabAs - a lot cheaper than the boat's and much more multipurpose!! [boating electronics tend to become obsolete within 3-4years!]

As you can see from the shot of Oswego Marina, it is a bit smaller than the others we've been at, but has a new fuel depot and a great pumpout connection; and, the staff are knowledgeable and helpful, and it's well kept. We are docked on the 'wall' at the top of the photo at the entrance to the marina. Almost all the boats docked here are fishing types and this is their home port; talked to a fellow who just came in [8pm] and they had only caught 6-7 lake trout all day, 9-13lb.

There's one showing the humorous side of boaters trying to find a unique name for their boat!!

Finally, we had to show everyone how much Canada must miss us because they keep sending Canada Geese to leave 'not welcome here' deposits along the walkways beside our boat; have had this happen a few times!

Planning: wx remains good tomorrow for us cruising to Rochester, NY, 57 miles west. Then, Monday heading to Wilson Harbor for 2 nights, and finally to Youngstown, 4 miles from the Welland Canal, which we are scheduled to transit on Friday May 28.

That's all for me.

From the Desk of the Admiral:

A great first day back on the water! Probably the best trip we've ever had in big open water. The captain ended the day with an impressive docking. We're on a face dock so we're getting some rocking. It feels just like what I feel all the time! Its more tolerable when its real.

We decided to have takeout tonight. There are several places that are within .2 MI so we thought we'd take advantage of that as we are rarely close enough to do pickup without a car.

In spite of the great trip, autopilot all the way, it was a long day and we're pooped. Boating is rarely leisurely

The main streets of Oswego are riverfront with a long boardwalk that has boat tie ups. Boats can tie up right in front of a restaurant. It's very nice and it's busy tonight. A very boat centered community.

That's all for tonight.


Ernie R - 22 May 2021 At last, some blue lines! Now we need to start those early morning pictures! I was impressed with initial turn of speed, now if we can increase it till soot stops coating the transom!! The pilot house photo adds new meaning to the term “glass helm”! Safe trip and more fun!