Left GTBay at 08:00, travelled 72 miles in 7.7hr at 9mph +/-, to arrive in New Johnsonville, TN at Pebble Isle Marina. We were here in 2018 in our Trojan with the Smiths. It has 180 slips with 30 transients on a face dock, but Billy, the owner, let us stay on the fuel dock because he was about to close and the restaurant is closed Mondays and since no one would be here, we didn't have to move over to the long face docking. Friendly place - has a courtesy car and even though he won't be here, left us the keys in case of an emergency, and we can just leave them on top of the ice machine by the door if we leave before he gets here in the a.m. - plans to be here by 07:45 to make us coffee.

We filled our diesel tanks [190g] and pumped out the holding tank. Last fill was in Alton, just south of Grafton on the Mississippi: traveled 381 miles on 190g diesel over 42 hrs, which resulted in 2mpg or 4.5 gal per hr - actually pretty good for us.

Saw little traffic all day; couple of tows we contacted on the VHF about which side to pass on; waves were 1' most of the day, on the bow, with SW winds 5-16mph. Waked by a couple of 40' boats overtaking us.

It is hot and humid!!! 90F but feels like 100. Thanks goodness for our pilothouse a/c.

Only real event was our captains chair 'broke' with me in it! Has happened before and I jury rigged a fix. This time, had to adjust the post, etc. and it is back to 'normal'.

Because our cell reception is rather erratic here, won't attempt any photos; will try posting some tomorrow.

Addendum Tues.10th: cell and wifi ok this a.m. Have uploaded 3 photos of the marina/harbor.

Admirals Comments:

Small miracle!! After an hour or so our T-Mobile hot spot decided to connect. Verizon has no signal. In fact, the T-Mobile hotspot has been much better than Verizon for most of this trip. And its way more expensive! But at least we can communicate. I've been running my phone off the T-Mobile WiFi!

It was an ok trip today. A little long but uneventful. But hot. Definitely 2-3 t-shirt weather. The a/c units are working hard and just barely keeping up.

Having taco salad tonight. Its too warm to cook a hot meal and I can use up some some fridge stuff. What to make with what's left by Thursday could be interesting.

Plans: To Clifton, TN tomorrow, 62 miles. Now T-4.


Ann R  •  10 Aug, 2021 - Maybe you can tie up tomorrow at the Catfish Hotel for lunch! You are almost home!