Left Pebble Isle Marina at 08:15, in sunny but hot and humid wx, traveled 6.7 hr at 9.8mph usually, to arrive at Clifton City Marina in hot and more humid wx feeling like 106. Little boat traffic and the river was quiet.

Clifton City Marina is a smaller municipal one with 72 slips including 7 transients. Nice folks to help with docking on their face dock - although the one fellow holding the bow line stopped to check his email/texts and the other guy couldn't get his attention after tying the stern and mid-ships and had to run down and take the line out of his hand and do the tying, and if looks could kill, the bow holder was dead; I still tipped them both; we are next to the office and the bar/restaurant, which allows no excuse for not availing ourselves tonight. Good selection of local beers and others like Sam Adams, Guinness, etc. Haven't seen as good a selection for weeks!

Tonight I am hoping to seal the radar arch array using butyl tape and weather stripping, before the next TSM!!!


We decided it was truly looking like home on the Tenn.River - so there's a photo.

Admirals Comments:

Definitely starting to feel like home. The river and scenery. The heat and the humidity! August in the south! We completely avoided summer in Florence last year; we were in New York heading north. It seems so long ago. In fact, I think once we are settled at home and back into a normal life the whole trip is going to become a distant memory far too quickly.

Other than using up stuff in the fridge I think a lot of stuff/basic supplies will be left on the boat, at least initially. Most of what we have onboard are duplicates of what we have at home and we hardly need more stuff there. Perishables and personal items will be the first to be offloaded and then I'm going to burn my boat clothes.πŸ˜‹. If Rob removed all his tools our draft would decrease by a foot! And he wouldn't have room in the garage for the truck he's going to buy, assuming there are any available to buy. Cleaning the oven is going to be ugly!!

We just came from the marina restaurant. Very limited during the week, but an excellent cheeseburger for me and fish and chips for Rob. As we were leaving the harbor master/waitress/everything suggested I should have had Empress gin instead of my usual Tanqueray and tonic. Empress interestingly is purple. So I took one to go and it's indeed purple and very good. Its history begins at the Empress hotel in Victoria, BC, traditional tea, and butterfly pea blossoms. See photo. Would make a very pretty martini. Going to give TP a nudge to get some.

After discovering purple gin everything else seems kinda boring so will say goodnight.


Tomorrow we go to Safe Harbor Aqua Yacht, at m.215, 57 miles. Will have their service folks look at what we need to have done and give us an estimate and schedule a return in Sept. Now at T-3.


ErnieR  β€’  11 Aug, 2021 - Too early to burn the boat clothes! I am sure after a couple months ashore you will be ready to be β€œon the road again β€œ as Willie is want to say! Plus they will feel good under flannel shirts on way to Chattanooga this fal!

Janice  β€’  11 Aug, 2021 - Too pretty to drink Margaret! Did you?

Robert & Margaret  β€’  11 Aug, 2021 - Of course I did!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Deedee  β€’  11 Aug, 2021 - Definitely have to get a large bottle of Empress !!!

Ann R  β€’  11 Aug, 2021 - Interesting gin! Reminds me of the stuff the frat guys mixed up in garbage cans (clean ones!) for parties - Purple Passion? Thankfully it probably didn’t taste like that!

You are almost home!!