Finished washing the port side and both fender boards. Also cleaned and vacuumed the lazarettes of dead bugs and accumulated crud. Sprayed Home Defense in all corners, etc, to control the spiders. Removed the 3 blue solar night lights [had 4 - 2 per side - one disappeared over winter] from the grab rails on both sides, intended to help others see us when anchoring, but since we won't be anchoring at night again... (removal will also make buffing job easier).


One of our Looper flag/burgee, as requested by Duane.

Admirals comments:

A stay-in day. Cleaned the boat yesterday, cleaned me up today.🚿. I'm not sure I look any better but I certainly feel better. The Hair is becoming difficult to do anything with. Hair and pedicure at the top of my to do list when we get home! And again got my shirt on inside out! Boat brain! And the captain either didn't notice, boat brain ?, or didn't bother to mention this to me. Hmmmm.....

I made a bean dip for our docktails. It's always BYOB but I thought a dip would be nice. They are loop newbies. Regardless, we like bean dip! A version of Texas Trash.

We are definitely back in the south. Crepes in bloom, cicadas and frogs at night, humidity, southern accents, especially the towboat captains, BBQ and catfish on the menus, and sweet tea.

Our neighboring loopers just left. Nice couple who are just getting started on their trip, only 3wks. They will come thru Florence some time in Sept. so we can show them around a bit.

That all for today.


Tomorrow we head to Pebble Isle Marina in New Johnsonville, TN, 70 miles up the Tennessee River. We are definitely in 'home' mode and counting down and now at T-5.


ErnieR  •  09 Aug, 2021 - Home stretch, now you can fly gold burgee in everybody’s face!

Ann R  •  09 Aug, 2021 - That’s awesome! Are you there yet? Got your hairdresser on notice? Booked your pedicure yet? Sounds like you’re coming down the home stretch pretty quickly now!

Ann R  •  09 Aug, 2021 - Regarding a boat slip: When the fleet heads to Guntersville, you can “squat” in the slip of your choice! And dare them to evict you when they return. Might that work?