Washed the stbd side, soap/water, dried with chamois, and the sundeck and radar arch; will do the port side this evening, once the sun moves around and we will pull the boat to the portside finger, which is where the power pedestal is anyway, then leave it there until Monday. Will not get the sundeck really clean until unload the folding Portabote and Tohatsu outboard [will be selling both], and the e-bikes [also will be selling], and move the freezer with its non-slip pad, so I can clean under them all.

We have a mild 'mustache' on the bow, but nothing like our looper friend Bill, in Miss Mary, has in his older Monk - some of that may be his hull, but he is puzzled by it. Will leave our mustache until we get it hauled out in Aqua.

We tried testing for water leaks on the radar arch, starting at the access hatch at its base, then holding the hose above the light and speaker panels, and finally the array hinge - but since I covered it in plastic, it didn't leak. Fairly certain that the array hinge complex is the source, so will find better gasket and sealant material for the whole array. In the mean time, will leave the plastic in place and since it is sealed with white Duck tape, it is 'hardly noticeable' per the Admiral [she hasn't actually seen it though, but in her mind she 'knows'!].


The sign on the Clubhouse Door stating it is closed for the weekend due to staff shortages - where have we experienced that already?

A few of the marina and of the Looper boats lined up along the transient dock.

Admirals Comments:

A busy day. I did some badly needed cleaning an straightening up. We haven't had a down day for a while so we were both catching up.

We took the courtesy van to go out for lunch, buy a few groceries and go to the last cheap liquor store we'll see. Kentucky is one of the low tax states. Plus it's hot out and we were out of beer! It's busy here, high tourist season, so getting into restaurants is difficult. Especially on the weekends. Lunch is easier and then we have a lighter supper.

I do so know what the plastic and white duck tape patch looks like! I always check these things out to make sure they pass the "tacky" test.😂. We already have a duck taped plexiglass window so we have to be careful we don't fall into the tacky ugly boat category.

Our Looper neighbor came in for visit after helping us move the boat to the other side of the slip. About 5', but closer to the port finger dock so Rob can wash the port side. Its been rare to have a single boat slip.

Tomorrow we have plans for docktails with another Looper couple. They are only 3mos into their trip. I might even make a dip or something.😋. There are 5 Looper boats on our dock. One couple has done the loop twice, sold their home and now live full time on their boat. We've met a few other live aboard boaters, some long term (15yrs), and can't imagine ever living that life.

That's all. Goodnight.


Ann R  •  08 Aug, 2021 - Hey Marg, I’m sure glad you are on “Tacky” patrol! Can’t have a TPYCC boat being tacky. Also glad you are within a week of being back. Will you be at TP? Good luck unpacking the boat! See you soon.

ErnieR  •  08 Aug, 2021 - I trust you have already ordered your gold burgee so you can fly it when you pull into TP! Don’t worry about trying to fix all the leaks, a covered slip makes life good!

Robert & Margaret  •  08 Aug, 2021 - Unfortunately we will not have a covered slip. Have asked Tricia to confirm that we can stay on the transient dock for 1 or 2 weeks but haven't heard back yet. Will look for better gasket etc for hinge.

ErnieR  •  08 Aug, 2021 - I would stay at least two weeks after they told me to leave and then say you were waiting on Diesel the Don!