Left Paducah at 08:20. We were worried about grounding again but the dockhand reported that the water at the gauge was up a least a foot. We hugged the dock around the end and only saw 4 feet fortunately, though did churn up the mud.

Travelled 42 miles in 7.2 hrs, against a current up the Cumberland R., running 9 mph at 1600 rpm usually, and arrived at the Barkley Lock up to Barkley Lake, at 1325, waited 20 min., then locked through in 20 min. and docked at Green Turtle Bay Marina Resort just outside the lock/dam at 14:30/2:30pm.

Saw hundreds of dead Silver Asian Carp, and parts of them - apparently they have started to appear in large numbers below Barkley Lock/Dam this past week and Fish & Game are trying to determine why. We saw them in the lock waters and coming through cut to pieces after being through the turbines.

There were a couple of barges grounded in the channel by the Olmsted Lock this morning; good thing we had already gone through! Also, we managed to avoid the closure at Chain of Rocks on the Mississippi earlier this week - they apparently shut down the big lock that same evening after we passed through - might still be there waiting in line!!

This is a big marina/resort - 450 slips with 36 transients; also have numerous rental cottages, 3 restaurants, sauna, golf carts, shuttle, courtesy van, etc.

Started the cleaning attheendoftheyear process - did 2 of the white fenders; hadn't had an opportunity till now and they were beaten up in the locks; we have been through 12 beginning in Chicago this year; SoftScrub and a scrub pad and elbow grease works magic - see photos. Will do the other 2 white ones tomorrow and we have decided to then only use the black ones for the 2 remaining locks.


Added a few of the Paducah floating dock to show how tall the pilings are, with scratch markings from the docks being raised due to the floods. One of sunrise morning mist on the Ohio, our last day on the 'big' rivers. One caught a huge dredge on the Ohio - 6 stories high, using an auger to deepen the channel and dumping into a barge which in turn will have the mud dumped elsewhere.

Admirals Comments:

We are getting closer to home. Left the Ohio and entered the Cumberland. Next is the Tennessee. Today was an easy and uneventful cruise. We even saw a few boats that weren't commercial. We're all known as "pleasure craft/boat" by the river professionals.

We're in familiar waters now. We were here 3 yrs ago with good friends Anne and Terry Smith with us. Still had the old Trojan boat. [see photo]

We had hoped for delivery pizza, or anything! tonight. But everyone is too busy and short staffed. And we're too grubby to go out anywhere. So boat food again. We'll use one of the courtesy vehicles tomorrow and go out for lunch and a bit of shopping.

The Asian carp. There were literally hundreds of them floating on the water. I know a dead Asian carp is the only good Asian carp but it was still unpleasant seeing so many. Then we saw the live ones jumping in the water being let out of the lock we were approaching. They are aggressive and invasive and heading for Lake Michigan. We hoped none would jump aboard!

The only big accomplishment for me today was getting the fitted sheet back on our bed! Phooey.

We're starting to think about unloading this boat when we get home. Regardless of what we decide to keep on the boat we will still have a lot of stuff to haul home. Fortunately we don't have to do it all at once.

Time to sign off.


Will be here for 2 full days - wash the boat and the other fenders, tidy up in preparation for arriving home - we are at T-7.


Anne & Terry  •  07 Aug, 2021 - What a great trip that was. The nap was faked. I was alert at all times.

ErnieR  •  07 Aug, 2021 - Will be great to have you all back! I agree with Terry, the picture was obviously faked! Now that you all are proes at all this loop stuff any idea when you might start loop number 2 !?

Duane  •  08 Aug, 2021 - Rob and Marg, Some time take a picture of your looper flag.