Left the anchorage at Little Diversion Channel, Cape Girardeau, MO at 07:55, without any trouble pulling up the aft and bow anchors, which held all night without allowing the boat to move at all, per the phone app alarm I have.

Travelled 50 miles to the confluence of the Ohio R., then turned upstream for 46 miles until reaching Paducah, KY. Had one lock, the Olmsted, which is new as of last year and has twin 150'x1200' chambers. We were fortunate to be locked through almost immediately, so no delay due to tows.

The mighty Mississippi is not a pleasurable river - constant turbulence, eddies, exacerbated by all the tows/barges. The current was a benefit by adding 3mph to our speed but also makes for more turbulence. As soon as we turned up the Ohio, it was once again pleasurable - although the first 5 miles are lined with barges either on the shores or parked in the middle of the river - all waiting for new or change in tows - and the current is still fast at 3mph, there is not the turbulence nor as many big tows, and the river is wider and calmer.

The Paducah Transient Boat Dock is managed by the city. It is a long floating dock parallel to the river, allowing one to dock on either side; it has fuel, power, etc. It has only 3.5' water coming around the end of the dock, 15' out, to get to the fuel dock or tie up on the shore side as we did - kind of churned a bit of mud getting there, then had 13' depth to pivot in and tie up stbd side so we could leave more easily. Extremely helpful dockhand who had called my phone at least twice to check on our progress and approach and to guide us to our spot. Really high pilings for the dock, to cope with flood conditions, etc.

Maintenance - fluids, etc. are all fine. No coolant leak. Strainers staying clean.

Photos: one showing the rather strong current in the Mississippi against a green buoy; a couple of the 'wing dams' all along the Mississippi - they are built of rocks/gravel to channel the water into a central area and reduce shoaling while keeping a deeper channel open for the traffic - don't want to run into them!!

Admirals Comments:

A long day. Fortunately nothing eventful to report. It was good to get off the Mississippi. The Ohio is calmer, cleaner, and after leaving the Cairo area there was very little traffic.

We planned to order pizza tonight after we were told that Papa Johns would deliver to the boat. No such luck. And we're too pooped to get to wherever they would deliver. So fish n chips from the freezer. Maybe better luck tomorrow.

There are two other Looper boats here. One we met yesterday and another that has already completed the loop but is heading home. They have new(er) Ranger Tug 31. Very compact but has everything. Also has the advantage of being trailerable.

The floating docks here have huge pilings. 30' tall, 3' diameter, huge ramp to shore to accommodate river flooding. Quite impressive. $$$ Especially considering the docks consist of one long facedock with space that can accommodate only 100' on each side!

Its hard to overstate how good a shower can feel especially if overdue and your hair, if you have any, is yucky. I feel like a civilized human again! Its also amazing how little water can be used to get clean when you're not hooked up to shore water.

Looking forward to a shorter day tomorrow and staying at a place with amenities. Maybe delivery pizza! Also need some catch up time.

That's all.


Tomorrow, we go to Green Turtle Bay, on the Cumberland R., 42 miles, for 3 nights to recover from the past 4 days, wash the boat, etc.


Ann R  •  06 Aug, 2021 - Hallelujah! Almost to GTB, for some hard earned R&R. Sleep well tonight!

ErnieR  •  06 Aug, 2021 - I hope you bottled some Mississippi mud water as a memento of your travels! Three nights to recoup seems a little excessive! Probably take that long to do good boat cleaning. Glad to see you all going to make Bridge and can entertain us all at dinner!

Deedee  •  06 Aug, 2021 - Almost home!!🤗

ErnieR  •  06 Aug, 2021 - Did you take any pictures of Cairo when you went by? Used to be big Marina there a long time ago.