Rain and TSM off and on all a.m. - just as well we didn't travel today!! Temps much improved with the wx change - 69 with high 76 today. Should be cloudy otherwise but possible showers in evening again [no rain all afternoon however].

Washed/scrubbed the sunbridge/flybridge between showers so the rain will help to wash away crud/dead bugs. We have the portabote stuff and propane outboard stored there and it needed to be moved and cleaned underneath. Looks, and therefore feels, much better.

Having a water leak into portside salon ceiling again, coming down the radar arch. Driving us crazy trying to find source - can't be just one unsealed screw, based on volume of drip, but we might be wrong. A wing snap button for the bimini on that side could be leaking - that's the one I had to replace, although I thought I had sealed it. Found some water within the radar arch cavity under the array, on the forward side; decided the leak has to be from the 'new' hinge bolts, so to test the theory, sealed the hinge plate with 2 layers of plastic and WHITE duck tape - grey or black tape would have been unacceptable per the Admiral! [see photo].

We took the courtesy F150 to Jerseyville, to Walmart, and picked up enough groceries, and a few other items like batteries and WHITE Duck Tape [used for sealing the array and dressing up the stbd window fix !! Ernie!!], to last us until we get to Green Turtle Bay Friday. Along the way, fields of corn starting to show yellowish tops, and soybeans.

Not a good beer selection, so ended up getting some Guinness 'Coffee' [real Guinness but with coffee/caffeine added - had one once we returned and tastes bit like a mocha].

Marg made her signature bran muffins today - much better than stores which are more like cake - and can substitute for a dessert for me. She is making her other signature concoction for supper - 'Marg's version of Tabouli' which is really good [she adds feta and chickpeas and black olives and tomatoes, to the parsley and bulger and green onion] and of which I will likely eat too much.

From the Admiral:

Well, we thought it was busy yesterday. Today, once the weather cleared the boats started arriving [see photo]. The Oyster Bar has docking in front and everything is packed. I'm not sure how a couple of the bigger boats managed to squeeze in. Good dock hands! The street parking lots are also packed. Bars and restaurants as well.

We took the F150 to Wal-Mart after lunch. Only 16 miles but is the nearest grocery store for the locals. Never my favorite and this was an older store but we got what we needed.

As we were unloading our stuff from the truck into the dock cart we noticed the distinct smell of [liquid] pig manure!😝. What? Where? Turns out the watery liquid in the bottom of the cart was the source! So our drink cartons and a few bags smelled. Had to quickly get that stuff off the boat.

Its challenging to do anything in the galley with so much boat traffic. Sharp knives and anything hot requires diligence.

Definitely party night here! Live band, loud even at our distance, but pretty good.

Time to sign off and cleanup. Music is improving. A nice evening.😀


Will get the spare anchor for stern placement ready tomorrow, just in case we need it on Wed. when we have to anchor at Little Diversion Canal.


ErnieR  •  01 Aug, 2021 - Boat leaks are sometimes the least sources you would expect but white duck tape will get them! Should outlaw all colors except white! So glad you have stocked up and now fixed all tape repairs properly! Nasty experience with dock cart, who does that! Well, you are in Illinois! Here’s to zero vibration!