Cloudy day forecast but no rain to test my plastic wrap on the array.

Since we are only 2 wks from being home, have started going through all the files and stuff related to planning for the Loop, etc, when I have nothing else to do while sitting in a marina. Lot of 'stuff' related to 'over-planning' some might say!

Walked to the woodworking store and took some photos - really neat place with lots of raw planks and with folks selling their wares. Rather pricy maybe, but... I know little about it. Nice looking stuff.

Lot of cars and motorcycles and people 'downtown' [about 4 blocks, 1 block parallel to the shore] - town is full!! Restaurants appear full. Everyone having a good time.

Matt the prop guy, dropped it off and it looks near new; he corrected a 'kink' near the outer tip of one and removed several 'dents'.

Flitz'd [i.e. polished like one does with silver] the SS deck fittings on the aft deck [flag pole, cleats, etc.] Hadn't been done since last year.

Admirals Observations:

Once again I just thought it was busy yesterday. Today is beyond ridiculous. There is a constant stream of boats coming in and out of the transient area for the restaurant. There have been traffic jams right behind us as boats have to wait to let someone by. A few near misses and a couple of nasty shouts and horns. We're glad our stern is not sticking out past the end of the T dock!

Hot again today, although not as bad as earlier in the week.

Big event of the day - I colored my hair. Nothing turned purple so I guess it's ok. Without good mirrors or natural light in the bathrooms I have to rely on Robs' opinion. One of the reasons why I treat him so well!😄😄😄

Summer Shrimp Scampi tonight. A repeat recipe from last year. It got a bit tricky to have a hot pan in the choppy water.

It's finally dark and the boat traffic has finally ended. The water is calm, the bar is quiet, and the evening is cool. My sanity was suffering earlier. Looking forward to moving on tomorrow.

Good night. Fingers crossed for the prop repair to be correctly done.


Brad will be here at 08:00 to replace the prop and we will be on our way to Alton for diesel and pumpout and then to Hoppies for the night, 60 miles downstream on the Mississippi, just past St.Louis.


ErnieR  •  02 Aug, 2021 - Looking forward to St Louis pictures and of course Hoppies!