EVENTS: has been another interesting day!!

The prop divers came [father and son team] and removed the stbd prop which is the one he felt was 'not right' and there is a dent along one blade. We were going to change both blades, to keep them matched. However....the spare ones don't fit!!!!!!! #$@%&$$

Although they are the same shaft dia. [2"], their shaft length is 1" longer and prevents the cotter pin locking the nut in place; they are also a different pitch. [see photos - can see dent if zoom; also can see on the profile how much difference in height/length of shaft there is, and the pitch because the spare sits higher off the ground on its blades]

They contacted a prop shop nearby and he can smooth out the rough area and have it back by Sunday and our guys can reinstall it early Monday a.m. so we can leave that day. So we stay here for the wkend.

An interesting aside - the diver, Brad, was able to stand on the bottom, making it a lot easier for him; but, there is only 4' water; our prop blade is sitting only a few inches above the bottom!! So, slow and easy will be the mantra when we leave.

Interesting to watch them work: both are divers, but Brad does the in-water work now [almost 30yo; dad 58], and dad manages the air hose [the tank is on the dock and connected to his mouthpiece/hookah with a 12' hose] and the 3/4" rope around Brad's waist, which dad keeps 'snug' so they can signal if a boat is approaching, etc., and Brad can also use it to tuck in some pliers; the wrenches for the lock nuts are 2' long and not light. They worked off our swim deck. Took 2 hrs to remove the damaged one and not be able to install the spare.

They shut off all power to boats on the dock within a 100' [they physically unplugged cords] and posted a divers flag on the dockwalk, to prevent the risk of electric shock drowning from AC leakage [people are never to swim in any marina]. Although there are testers for leakage, dad says most are not reliable, so the simplest test is to wet his arm put it in the water and if he feels a 'tingle', they don't go in!!

Brad has taken the prop and the prop guy will bring it back here Sun. and Brad will reinstall it Mon. a.m.. So we shall take the 'spares' home [they are back under the salon couch!] and return them to the seller and expect a full refund.


A few of Grafton - one of a woodworking planks store [thought friend Duane and our son Jeff might find it particularly interesting]; a local saloon [which we didn't go in]; the divers in action; and the comparison of the spare and damaged props.

From the Admiral:

Went back to the Grafton Market. See photo of their sign. Their supplies came in so I got a couple of things. Eggs, lettuce etc. I was encouraged to buy a local version of chardonnay called Chardonal. $7.99 could be interesting.😋. No decent beer so it looks like Wal-Mart in Jerseyville tomorrow. Nobody else seems to be using the F150. Since we're going to be behind schedule and don't have a lot to do while the prop is being fixed (we hope) a trip to Wal-Mart sounds sort of entertaining.😆. In spite of all the boats and being 35 miles from St. Louis this whole area is very rural.

At 3:00 10 boats all converged on the marina, mostly wearing matching bright pink t-shirts, and headed to the Oyster Bar. It was a sight! And at 5:00 they all left! Definitely a lot of boat traffic today. This is a busy spot.🚤🚤🚤

Report on the $7.99 wine: I've had worse. And for a lot more money. But definitely not a fine wine.

Taco salad tonight. Time to get started.

That's all.


Called Hoppies Marina and Paducah and Green Turtle Bay to change our dates; they are all understanding.


ErnieR  •  31 Jul, 2021 - That is definitely not the time to find out spare props don’t fit!!! What a bummer. Good thing prop shop nearby. Enjoy the rural weekend!

Ann R  •  31 Jul, 2021 - Sounds like you could take a field trip to St Louis if the F-150 is free! Wish you’d taken a photo of the pink shirts! WalMartians (a Mac MacAnally term) may provide an interesting people watching trip! And you know that WalMart has that Decoy brand of wine that may be great or so-so. It’s the end runs of other brands.

Deedee  •  31 Jul, 2021 - What a drag! You need a mini holiday!