Checked the engine raw water strainers and little debris fortunately. Did the usual 'de-spidering'. Too hot and humid for much else.

The diver will be here at 08:00 tomorrow to replace our props; wants to be early before the boat traffic begins.


The tall poles in the marina pics are for the floating docks. 5hey have such dramatic high water changes and frequent flooding that they need the tallest guide posts we've seen. Have one of the Main St. signs - reminding us this location is the junction of the two great rivers: Mississippi and Illinois.

The marinas gates are solid and locked, needing a code - I've seen a few where a skinny person could slide between the bars or around the side - not so with these.

They also have CC cameras monitoring each dock.

From the Admiral:

Good grief it's hot. The humidity is visible and the temp feels like 108. Boat a/c is keeping up, thankfully.

I took the courtesy car, Ford F150, to what is supposed to be a grocery store. It was really just a convenience store. A few formerly fresh items, deli stuff and liquor. Their Instacart order hadn't arrived yet! Nothing else nearby other than a local farm market. The closest Wal-Mart is 16 miles away. The truck is the nicest courtesy vehicle we've had!!

We're going to try the marina restaurant tonight. The Oyster Bar. Mainly seafood on the menu but it looks pretty good.

Rob trimmed the back of my hair this morning. It looks better but a trip to the hairdresser will on the top of my to do list when we get home.

The Oyster Bar was ok. Better than cooking and doing dishes. It was pretty busy so in a town of 695 most of the diners had to be boaters. It's a fairly big marina - 300 slips. Not sure if Rob mentioned that the office/restaurant building is also floating. It looks close but you can't get there from here without going up the ramp (steep) to the walkway past the parking lot, then down the next ramp (steep) back to water level. The restaurant is up the stairs for a water view looking at our boat.😂

The weather is supposed to become tolerable tomorrow. Highs in the 80s! I might be able to venture outside and not have to squinch up my eyes from the heat. Today was a 3 t-shirt day.

We just had a fireworks show here by the marina. Apparently this is a regular Thurs event during the summer. The display was immediately followed by the beginning of a big thunderstorm. Lots of thunder and lightning. Never a dull moment.😁

That's all from me.


Reserved stays at Paducah [on the Ohio R. after we leave the Mississippi] and at Green Turtle Bay [on the Cumberland just before we enter the Tennessee] - we've been there before and it is a nice resort for us to take a few days to relax after the journey down the Mississippi/Ohio.


ErnieR  •  30 Jul, 2021 - Hope the prop change goes smooth and not too bent up. Good to know if we are in a bind for a hair trim Rob can help although he may be a little pricey! Who would have thought we would look forward to 85 degrees!

Ann R  •  30 Jul, 2021 - Sounds like Ernie’s kind of weather, not mine! Hope this cold front coming soon is in your path. Currently it’s 88° here feels like 99 and is going all the way up to 97. Which will probably feel like 200. Think I’ll stay inside in the AC. Hope your next location is cooler. At least you can probably eat anything you want to get the oyster house after all those up and down ramps and stairs! Enjoy.