A nice day today with sunny skies, 70-74F, winds light all day. De-spidered the boat and then washed with non-phosphate soap and brush - looks much happier.

Checked that the anchor winch controls were working and replaced the safety rope holding the anchor to the winch [in case the chain or shackle were to break, we wouldn't drop the anchor].

While I was slaving away washing the boat, etc, Marg and Helen went shopping and brought me some Boddington's Pub Ale they found!! Also, some Danish Kringle [see photos - three flavors, each one is 12-14" dia. in an oval]. These pastries are very popular here - and no wonder because they taste great. The admiral will tell all.

Helen treated us to dinner at Butcher & Barrel Gastropub, a few blocks from the marina; food and drink were excellent; we had cocktails, just to be different, and nicely prepared American style foods. A good time was had by all.

The thermostat differential between the other two gender people and myself became much for obvious at the end of the evening; despite having a t-shirt and a sweatshirt and a windbreaker, and a cap [see photo], the opposite pair were dying of the heat. So I stayed inside the boat and wrote this while they sat outside on the aft deck to cool off. It's amazing!


Helen snapped one of the Capt. wearing one of his to-keep-my-head-warm caps and wanted it posted. Margs sister, Pat, sent us one of the forest fire smoke near Prince Albert, Sask. - we hope they can get some rain soon.

From the Admiral:

Nothing too noteworthy to add. Rob pretty much covered it all.

Helen and I had a productive shopping outing. We found a good bakery while detouring around construction zones and following the GPS directions to the liquor store. First liquor store we went to looked a little too seedy for our refined tastes. The bakery was a lucky find. It was open 😂 ! And had the Danish kringles we were looking for! And had several flavor choices. We got raspberry, almond and key lime. Lime is the best. Also finding 1.5L Johnny Walker red on sale for $33.99 was a bonus. Piggly Wiggly was ok.

We spent a leisurely afternoon finding a good place for dinner. Helen is practicing being leisurely for her retirement beginning August 3. Our dinner choice was great.

Racine has been another nice stop for us. Although it's a huge marina it's very well planned and maintained. Everything is reasonably close and accessible. The town is nice and the building styles are changing to more craftsman/Chicago styles. Lots of brick and less clapboard. I'm looking forward to an architecture boat tour of Chicago.

That's it for me. We move on tomorrow and Helen departs. It was wonderful having her here.


Tomorrow we will pumpout here and head immediately for Chicago, 62 miles. Wx remains favorable.


Deedee  •  19 Jul, 2021 - Safe boating and driving Helen!!! Can you bring me a gallon of JW Red at that price? Hugs!!!!😍

Ernie R  •  19 Jul, 2021 - Finally Chicago! We need to get TP connected to those pastries for a supplier, they sure look good! I have some extra earmuffs I will send Rob!

Tom W.  •  19 Jul, 2021 - I highly recommend the architectural tour by water of Chicago's downtown area. Hopefully you'll get a tour guide that was as entertaining and knowledgeable as the one we had a few years ago (he was an architectural student).