Day Events:

Left Racine at 09:00 - after delay waiting for Reefpoint staff to do our pumpout - in smoky skies [see photo], 69F, light winds NE, no waves; traveled 62 miles in calm water until the last half hour or so when choppy and 1' on our port stern; arrived in Chicago, at DuSable Harbor, at 14:45/2:45, 5.8hr at 11.4mph; lots of smoke for first hour or two and then started thinning, but still evident as can be seen in photo of our approach to Chicago.

Had another 'near-collision' in open water when a Viking fishing boat was on a heading to collide as he headed out; he was on our right/stbd, so he had the ROW and we slowed and altered course. Amazing in the sense it's a big, open water!

DuSable is a large marina, 420 slips, right next to Navy Pier, downtown Chicago, at the entrance to the Chicago River and Harbor Lock. We had registered and paid on-line, they gave us our slip #, with a map, so we didn't have to go into the office at all. Lots of people walking/jogging/bicycling along the park and marina walkway [we have a gated access to the dock] and are only about half mile from Navy Pier.

Their power pedestals are a bit 'buggy' - see photo. This is not uncommon at many marinas unfortunately; that's another reason why I always wear gloves when connecting our power.

Maintenance: no coolant. Everything ok. Not much water today in the bilge.


Couple of the Chicago skyline, one showing the smoke. A couple in Racine, which are in that folder - of a typical fishing rig on a boat stern and the morning sun in the smoke.

From the Admiral:

Well here we are in Chicago!! It's a spectacular view arriving from the lake into the harbor. Our photos can't capture the sight. The marina sits right in the downtown at the mouth of the river. Lots of people, boats and activity. A bit of intense boat driving.

We are booked for an Architecture River cruise tomorrow. Going to try to get a pedicab! to take us to the departure site on Navy Pier. We are 150ft from the boardwalk but more than 1/2mi to a street. Although improving, my persistent "sea legs" disorder still makes that very unpleasant.

Bugs! No-see-ums, in particular because they're getting in my wine, and a few mosquitos. Its a nice evening but we can't leave the doors open. Phooey.

Re the potential collision in the middle of wide open water as far as the eye can see. First, what are the odds of the two boats being on collision courses!? Then who would ever think my Robbie would contemplate playing chicken with the boat with the right of way!!?? He eventually backed down and went behind.😂😂. But I mean really, duh, was he bored?

I'm waiting for it to get dark anticipating some really good night shots as the buildings and harbor light up. The view will be spectacular but maybe too big and tall to get into a photo because we are so close.


Tomorrow we have booked one of the Architectural River Cruises which will provide us some info about Chicago and will help us to avoid being distracted on the river when we depart Wed.


Terry  •  20 Jul, 2021 - In 1983 we had to have a lot of bridges raised going through Chicago River. Hope that has changed. Good kuck

Terry  •  20 Jul, 2021 - That is good Luck

Ernie R  •  20 Jul, 2021 - Tour should be great fun with I hope lots of good pictures! To heck with ROW, sometimes you have to stand your ground and see if anybody awake!

Ann R  •  23 Jul, 2021 - Well, I believe as our fellows get older, they also get more daring! As in “How dare you get in my way! I’m not moving!!”