Events today:

First thing was to 'de-spider' the boat - it needs to be a daily chore, as they rebuild webs and deposit poop everywhere and if we don't stay on top of it, it looks a disgrace.

Our friend, Helen Cozzetto [nee Kupsch, from Saskatoon, SK originally, now in Fargo, ND but retiring Aug.3] arrived today to visit for a couple of days and drove us around Racine and then we had lunch at downtowns The Ivanhoe Pub & Eatery. Great spot [see photos], only a few blocks from the marina; I had Guinness battered fish & mashed potatoes, with Bellhaven Scotch Ale, and apple pie; Marg had a curried pot pie; Helen had a Shepherds Pie. Food excellent, as well as the beers; and the atmosphere.

It remains cool and windy here - 74 high but the 6-12 mph wind off the water drops the temperature several degrees; so Marg and Helen are standing in the wind to cool off and I have on 3 layers and a heavy cap to stay warm!!! Go figure the 'Mars-Venus' differences between aging male-female thermostats.

Supper tonight at the marinas Brewhouse.


One of a south view of the marina, looking at the shore and parking area, from the 2nd story of our West side bathroom/shower/grills building. It is difficult to get a perspective of how big this place is - will try later from the main office and restaurant.

From the Admiral:

It's so great to have Helen here!! A special friend. We spent a long time doing nothing but sit outside and visit. A perfect afternoon. We watched a bit of "grateful" it wasn't us" dock entertainment observing a long sailboat try to dock in a cross wind. Very similar circumstances to our incident but fortunately they managed to only hit the pulpit railing, but multiple times. As usual, everyone came out to watch!

We had a nice dinner at the marina restaurant, overlooking the water, then came back and sat outside on the boat in the water and enjoyed the water view.😅

Its been a great day.


Tomorrow, will wash the port side, using soap/water, since couldn't get to it before. Likely go to a grocery/liquor store since Helen has her car to drive us.


Ernie R  •  18 Jul, 2021 - Nice marina and even better pubs/restaurants! You will have to get used to the food here when you get back!

Ann R  •  18 Jul, 2021 - So happy for your great day with a dear friend! Looks like a really nice place to be. Lots of entertainment too with lots of boats!

Deedee  •  18 Jul, 2021 - Great pictures!!! Jealous 😍❤️🥳