The Day:

Left Sheboygan at 07:20 in cloudy skies, winds NE 5-7mph, 69F, and travelled 72 miles to Racine, WI, Reef Point Marina, arriving at 13:50, a 6.5 hr journey at 11-12 mph, in initially waves/wind NE-E at 1' which became 2' in the last hour, on our port stern quarter. It was tolerable for us wusses. Saw a few fishing boats only.

After the incident at Sheboygan, I am a tish 'gun-shy' now docking in wind, so came in bow first here, since winds were 10-15 and were pushing us toward the other boat in our well. They unfortunately only had 1 dockhand available but he did an admirable job and we tied up w/o real problems.

The Reef Point Marina is a huge one - 921 slips with a large office/store/restaurant complex; there are 100 transient slips allotted. The Ships Store sells margaritas and sandwiches, and ice cream, and large Danish pastries! I bought a couple of margaritas for us to have this happy hour. They also sell liquor, beer. wine, ice, clothing - and oh yes, boat supplies.

The restaurant is called the Brewhouse and we have a reservation for tomorrow night.

Maintenance: no coolant leak!!!!!! All oils/fluids ok. Dried out the bilge again [after every trip].


Marg took her night shot at Sheboygan and it is in the Sheboygan album. Took one of another power plant, presumed, on the shore - have seen these or a variation of them along the shores of all four Great Lakes we've cruised.

From the Admiral:

A good trip today. We wave wusses prefer no waves but today we decided to suck it up and roll with the 2 footers! Really have to hang on to get down to the head tho! Ever tried to pull up your pants with one hand in a rocking bathroom? 😂😂

Good friend Helen Cozzeto is visiting tomorrow. Our first overnight company since before covid!! Have to air out the sheets.

We have dinner reservations for the marina restaurant tomorrow evening. It's supposed to be really good.

Meatloaf tonight. We're both in need of comfort food after the past couple of days.

Our good friends Janice and Wayne Fehr just let us know they have had to evacuate their home at Lower Fishing Lake in N.Sask. due to a dangerous fire near White Gull. Our thoughts are with them and hope their "hand built by Wayne" home escapes. We are glad they are staying safe.

Thats all. Good night.

Oops, almost forget to mention the radio chatter today! Somebody waked someone who was not impressed and shouted "YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO GET THAT CLOSE JACKASS!!!". A sentiment near to my heart.

And an interesting boat sighting: A Sirene 58. Very unusual and very Italian. $$$$

Plans: Whatever. R&R.


Deedee  â€¢  17 Jul, 2021 - How wonderful to see Helen! Wish I was there!😍

Robert & Margaret  â€¢  17 Jul, 2021 - Here's hoping for an open border for Canadian Thanksgiving!

Ann R  â€¢  17 Jul, 2021 - Sounds like as well deserved “down” day in Racine. Good to have a friend visit! Enjoy! Chicago bound soon.