Yesterday was one of those I-wish-to-forget-but-never-will ones. It was indeed a downer. With hindsight, should have gone into the slip bow first, which gives better control in wind - next time!!!

Great responses from local help post-event though: the marina mechanic came by just after we had sealed the window with plastic and duct tape [a TSM was bearing down!!!!] and made calls about repairs and unfortunately it will take 2-3 weeks for a replacement - they have to replace the frame as well as the 'auto-glass' [splinter proof] window. He offered us some shrink-wrap and tape to provide a better cover and we could make the repairs a 'winter' project.

Then, an auto-glass friend of the mechanic, who heard about our 'incident' from him, and who has a boat here and is yearning to do the Loop, came by and took our window screen, which is the same size as the window, to his shop to cut out a plexiglass temporary replacement which should fit into the same grooves and which we could tape in place, inside the shrink-wrap - until the proper repair can be done after we get home. Really nice bunch of folks.

Then, the diver I called [referred by the marina] said he could come now, between the TSM's, and clean off the prop! And he did!! A neat guy, age 67, been diving for over 40 years. He wears a full dry suit - I helped zip him into it. His gear weighs over 140 lbs!!! And he hoisted his 80 lb tank up over his head onto his back by himself; his wt. belt is another 30lbs. He stayed completely dry inside his suit, unwound the rope from the prop and gave it to me for a souvenir; I had initially cut it off at the cleat as it was as tight/strained as imaginable and before calling him I had hoped to free it and grab it with the boat hook - but no luck, so his service was appreciated; only took him a minute! I started the engine, after checking that the transmission coupling was ok, and it ran fine, but we won't know if the prop has any vibration till we are underway - but I doubt it will be a problem [hopefully].

If the accident weren't enough, we had another water leak in the salon from the storms. However, feel positive I found the source - the wiring openings in the radar array, which run wires through the radar array hinge into the arch and over to the port side. Used some plumbers putty, as well as some Butyl Tape and more masking tape; I taped a channel from the wiring hole out the access hatch - any rain coming down 'should' dump out the access hole !!


Three showing the window broken, with the plastic/duct tape repair, and with the plexiglass insert. Several of the marina; they have a really nice boaters lounge, one of the most comfortable ones we've seen; a small but well stocked ships store and confectionary. The only 'lemon' is the fuel dock office - probably the worst I've seen on the loop, with junk and raw plywood, disorder, and only 2 of the 6 pumps working - a bit of an anomaly considering all the other positive aspects.

Addendum re window: he came by early afternoon with the temporary plexiglass fix and it works great; used duct tape to seal it, after removing the glass bits from the tracks, and keeping the lower track water drains open to the outside. He refused to accept any remuneration! Said to just go to church and add extra to the offering and 'pass it on' [re generosity/help] to someone else. Most impressive.

From the Admiral:

In the fresh light of day after a decent sleep things seem more manageable. We had a big bunch of storms last night and our plastic and masking tape window cover held on. Plexiglass insert coming later today. Shortages due to covid will mean a delay in window replacement; and other repairs we may need. I think the railing will need some work. Wasn't obvious at first but will definitely need attention. Assuming the prop is ok we should be able to resume our schedule.

Ubered to Piggly Wiggly this afternoon. Very nice store. Got everything I was looking for. I want to stock up on freezer, and storable stuff as we will have a spell of limited access in the next week or so. Racine and Chicago are huge marinas that make lugging in groceries down a mile long dock unpleasant. Then we have some very small stops with not much available.

The window repair really looks good. From inside, with the screen back on and the mini lines, you can't tell there's a piece of plexiglass duct taped in place. The outside is not obvious either. We look reasonably respectable.😅

We went to the marina bar for happy hour and a burger. Sat outside , over looking the same water as our boat is in admiring the view😂, until it got chilly. Chilly in July is definitely not something we experience very often in Alabama.

Hopefully we will have a smooth departure in the morning. The prop is the only unknown, but we're pretty sure it's ok.

We leave early in the morning, A longer day than most, so will say goodnight.


To Racine, WI Friday - 70 miles. Forecast is NE waves 1' and winds NE 10-15 so both will be on our stern quarter.


Deedee  •  16 Jul, 2021 - You guys have angels watching over you! Things worked out well!

Ernie R  •  16 Jul, 2021 - There are always great people around boats, also a few not so good but fortunately way outnumbered! Here’s to a great rest of the trip!

Ann R  •  16 Jul, 2021 - Happy days are here again! Safe travels today and the rest of the way. Hope the prop is okay. Will miss you tonight at the Bridge meeting. Stay safe.

Janice  •  16 Jul, 2021 - Sorry for your troubles… they seem to come in combinations don’t they. We’re relieved that you’re okay and have had help to get it all sorted out. We received an evacuation request from parks at our lake due to wildfires by White Gull and the Harding Road area coupled with pending Hwy closure. Massive looking on our drive out!! We are at Kim/Will’s until further notice.

Monte  •  16 Jul, 2021 - file:///var/mobile/Library/SMS/Attachments/52/02/59CEDD58-7222-4BF4-B7BF-432CBDE32948/IMG_7364.jpeg Not sure if this link above will work or not. Shows a fishing boat that got ‘holed’ by a whale out here.

I think you have done an amazing job of piloting Doc Away and trust me we have had lots of ‘experiences’ where things go sideways fast.

Robert & Margaret  •  17 Jul, 2021 - Sorry to hear about the fire threat and evacuation. Keep us posted. At least you both are safe.