It's been quite a day!

We had pleasant trip this morning. Sunny with waves of 1ft or less on our bow and only 2 1/2hrs. There was weather coming in later so we started early and got here by 11am as the wind gusts were beginning to pick up.

After refueling we asked that there be someone at our slip to catch our lines. Our slip was about 150 ft behind us but the gusts were picking up. So the short version is: we backed up to the slip, handed off the stern line emphasising that it be secured!!, handed off the mid line, the bow caught a big gust and when trying to use the stern line for control it became apparent it wasn't secure, in fact had fallen in the water and got wrapped in the prop and stalled the port engine. We blew sideways onto the next boats pulpit which crushed into our salon window. Rob managed to power us around enough to get us barely off the pulpit and into another slip.

The rest of the day was cleanup and insurance. The pulpit on the new Tiara has only cosmetic damage and we need a new window. Nobody was hurt and it could have been much worse.

Goodnight. Tomorrow will be a better day.

We'll finish this report tomorrow.


Ernie R  •  15 Jul, 2021 - Boy I sure hate that happened, just takes one person not doing their job for things to go wrong. Hopefully you can get window replaced quickly.

Ann R  •  15 Jul, 2021 - I’m so sorry this happened. Best of luck with repairs and insurance. If all else fails, duct tape can be your friend. Rest well. Tomorrow is another day.

Deedee  •  15 Jul, 2021 - Just be grateful no one was hurt! Your very first incident considering how many times you dock! Take a breath,relax and carry on! It’s still a drag tho!!!😍❤️

Ernie R  •  15 Jul, 2021 - You get rope off prop yet? Hope it did not damage any running gear.

Helen  •  15 Jul, 2021 - So sorry to hear of this incident but thankful you're both OK...hope all repairs go smoothly.

Tom W  •  15 Jul, 2021 - Sorry to hear about your docking incident and can somewhat understand your frustration and the stress you must have been under when things went sideways on you. Take care you two.