Days Events:

Post pumpout yesterday, forgot to mention that one of the dockhands had the Robin Williams RV 'experience' - before they were using the threaded clamp-on fittings, when he was using the rubber universal 'cone', which requires you to hold it firmly in place all the time you are pumping out, it slipped and he received a face-full of 'colored' material; so the clamping type is much safer/neater.!!

Departed Sturgeon Bay at 08:00, overcast, 69, winds 3-5mph. Had a relaxing cruise with little traffic, except for the unthinking individual in the Viking who waked us just as he left the 5mph zone and we were about to enter it, only 50' off our port side, which meant had to quickly turn into the wake. Otherwise, a truly 'boring' day, water like glass most of the way. Arrived at 13:20 to Manitowoc Marina, after 58 mi. They asked us to dock portside bow in, which unfortunately left us short on our power hookup and had to use the 25' extension and walk down the stbd catwalk to run the cord so it would reach - the admiral accepted my doing that begrudgingly.

Nice marina, 250 slips with 40 transients; solid docks with concrete/stone blocks, locked gates, 10' depth at the slip, great ships store, etc; dockhands most helpful.

Photos: Just the one of the marina, showing all the sailing masts; loads of sailboats.

From the Admiral:

Another perfect travel day. I hope our luck holds. We are careful about choosing good weather days, but bad weather can pop up out of nowhere.

Getting docked was routine but the power hookup got a bit silly. First we were told to come in bow first (don't know why), our power cord is in the stern and with the extension still didn't reach the pedestal, pulled the boat forward so our anchor is hanging over the middle of the dock, plug in to no power!, so decide to use next pedestal which we can't reach (duh), pull the cord back in, move cord to other side of the boat which we are hoping will reach, requiring the the captain to once again get on the catwalk and drag the cord to the pedestal, which fortunately was close enough, and had power!! At least it wasn't hot out. The folks on the boat beside us and the dock hands were very helpful.

Made an oven version of chicken fajitas. I had to improvise a bit, as usual, to accommodate missing ingredients and using the oven to keep things simple. Also less cleanup.😁. I can create an impressive mess just making toast. It's a talent. Fajitas were pretty good.

Really enjoying the cool evenings. The silence of no a/c, fans, engines and generator running and having the doors open is peaceful. I think the captain has developed some hearing loss because of the constant noise as he doesn't always pay attention to what I'm telling him!

Nothing else to report, so goodnight.


Tomorrow we go to Harbor Center Marina, Sheboygan, 26 miles. Will stay there 2 nights waiting for better travel wx on Thurs.


Tom W  •  14 Jul, 2021 - Marg, you should know by now that male hearing loss has always been a selective trait of us men over 60 !

Ann R  •  14 Jul, 2021 - Marg, in our case that ‘selective’ hearing started long before 60!! Did you check for earplugs? Or maybe have Rob wear his Eartechs all the time!! (You might not want to wear yours when he’s fixing the head.). 😎. Just sayin’. Love the photos of Sturgeon - and live your hairstyle!

Ernie R  •  14 Jul, 2021 - Sorry, first time I have “heard” about this hearing loss issue!