Days Events:

The marina provides dockside pumpout of holding tanks; there's a hose fitting at the dock for each slip and the dockhands pull the hoses down to the boat and connect it; they have an impressive pump, doesn't need priming, use the threaded fitting with clamps, and we rinsed x 3 so that the last aspiration looked almost 'clear'. Marg then puts down a cup of Tide and a cup of Calgon Water Softener which coat the walls and help prevent unwanted 'sticking' to them; we also add a biodigestive to help break down/control the anaerobic bacteria [which cause the unwanted odors].

In keeping with a major 'poop' day, the package from Sealand arrived and I successfully replaced the forward bellows, o-rings, and c-clamps - the head is once again working perfectly and the admiral is most appreciative.

Washed off the spiders/webs/bugs this a.m. - again - despite a good wash yesterday. Can't beat nature; just have to live with her.

Checked the 3 strainers and no pick up of the seaweed fortunately.

Photos: a few more showing the marinas benefits - the fireplace area, the pool and the office complex with the laundry/showers/toilets. One of the seaweed 'swamp-mobile' [per admiral] - the boat with paddles wheels that cuts and picks up the seaweed.

From the Admiral:

As the photos show this is a beautiful spot!! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐. And not the most expensive.

The seaweed harvester was interesting. Propelled by 2 paddle wheels with a conveyor belt on the front that a guy on the dock shoveled the seaweed piles onto. It apparently bales the stuff!? The conveyor drops down in front into the water when moving.

Finally, the vacuflush is repaired. New, brand name parts and more blue language as lubricant, solved the problem! Fabreze is required to clear the air. Its not a hardship to live with one head, it's that they're supposed to work!

Going out to dinner with our sailing neighbors. They seem very nice and interesting. They have sailed all over the world. We hope to be enlightened as we have never really been on a sailboat.

There is a junior sailboaters group across the bay and they were out practicing today. Lots of tip overs with kids in the water. As with other junior sailing clubs we've seen, there are escort boats with them. These kids grow up on the water, unlike us prairie folk who wait until we're old to try and learn boating!

We enjoyed a very nice dinner and evening with our sailing neighbors. Both from S. Africa, but in Canada for the past 20 yrs. Their sailing ventures have covered much of the world. Very interesting folks. I hope we keep in touch.

Fresh Walleye was excellent. This would be a nice marina to spend a little more time.

Nothing much else for tonight, so goodnight.


Tomorrow we head for Manitowoc, MI, 51 miles. Wx looks good.


Ernie R  •  13 Jul, 2021 - What a nice place, even if they do let sailboats dock! You all have once again proven the old statement “two heads are better than one”! Hope no new words were added to the vocabulary. I hope you have been following the bridge posts, looks like we may have a new marina when you get back. Oops, didn’t we do that already! At least the plans keep getting bigger!

Helen  •  13 Jul, 2021 - This does look like a lovely marina and seems like the weather is cooperating!

Dick P.  •  14 Jul, 2021 - Is there a “market” for seaweed in Wisconsin? What happens to the bails?

Robert & Margaret  •  14 Jul, 2021 - Dick, don't know what they do with it; maybe the farmers use it for feed??? Good question.