Days Events:

Washed 3/4 of D.A. this a.m. - couldn't get to the mid-Portside - could walk along the 'cat-walk' but the Admiral is not pleased whenever I do it [as when I helped pull a sailboat in last night when the wind and seaweed caused him some havoc - took his line and levered it around me and walked down the catwalk hanging on - I know secretly the admiral is always impressed that I can do such things]. So will try to dock on the port side at the next marina and then I can wash it. The spider and fly poop collection is incredible within a few days.

Several fishing folks arrived on the dock bright and early, as in 5:30 when I went for a walk to the marina office complex. They are locals, ages from 20's to 70's, about 6 or 7 of them, catching mostly perch; one catfish too. It is amazing to see so many people fishing regularly - everywhere we have travelled.

We helped the sailboat leave this a.m. We raked out the sea weed along part of his stbd hull and the stern; he had to unplug his engine strainer before starting his engine. It was a little windy so I controlled his bow line to keep it straight until he was almost half out of the slip; then he went out into the main channel and shifted forward and back several times to clear the seaweed on his keel and on his prop.

Photos: Admiral took a couple night shots - one of just the marina, and one of the canal shoreline; I took a couple early morning ones to complement hers. Also, one of the marinas grill 'corner' - 3 propane grills with a couple of tables beside the office area - really a nice picnic spot for their members; there's another similar one on the other side of the office/pool as well.

From the Admirals Desk:

Well, I just read the Captain's comments!! And HA! HA! PHOOEY! Dragging a boat along the the catwalk is dumb, even for dummies! If he fell in either the other boat would have run over him or he would have been swallowed up by the seaweed never to be seen again. His good life insurance is a comfort.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Big event today - took a cab to Wal-Mart. I had a varied list of stuff and as much as I prefer not to go to Wal-Mart, it was the best available. I also discovered that although uber is "available" here her name is Mary! And rarely responds.

This is a very nice marina, the buildings and grounds are the nicest we've seen. The town itself is ordinary, not a quaint touristy place like the Michigan stops.

There is a pontoon boat docked across from us. The fenders rubbing against the metal pontoon sounds like a moaning critter of some sort!!! Considering sneaking over and adjusting something.

Eating in again. The place we chose to go to isn't open today. Hopefully better luck tomorrow.

We just made reservations with our dock mates, that have a car!, tomorrow at a place that is supposed to be nice. 😊

I managed to avoid vacuuming today. The carpet is starting to look like we've lived aboard for more than a year and will seriously need shampooing when we get home. Still need to vacuum, though.

A quiet evening so will say goodnight.


Likely have the dockhands carry out a dockside pumpout; there is a fee but well earned.

Will check the strainers to make sure the seaweed, aka 'milfoil' and 'anacaris' [per entomologist/biologist Jeff], hasn't filled them.

Need to start booking marinas along the Illinois/Chicago Rivers.


Ernie R  β€’  12 Jul, 2021 - Agree with Marg, if going to be walking on catwalk need bigger boat! Seaweed is a real mess!

Ann R  β€’  12 Jul, 2021 - As Marg said, it’s not impressive, just frightening, when you rugged seafaring Mariners take crazy chances! But we love you just the same! (Rob, What were you thinking?!) Sounds like the adventures are escalating! Enjoy your trip (we certainly are!) Missing you and wishing you a safe journey & happy memories in the making.

Helen  β€’  12 Jul, 2021 - Watching in anticipation as you're getting closer to Racine, WI. Have you noticed any smoke in the air? We are thick with it from Ontario and new fire restrictions go into effect tomorrow for all of MN. Not sure if this is the case in WI as well.

Robert & Margaret  β€’  12 Jul, 2021 - We are still anticipating arriving on the 16th, departing on the 18th. Always weather permitting!

No noticeable smoke here yet.