Days Events:

We left Frankfort at 07:30 in sun, temp 51, no wind, no waves. [See Marg's commentary.] Traveled 58miles, at 11.4mph, until we entered the Sturgeon Bay canal where the speed limit is 5mph for most of the remaining 4miles. Docked [in a sudden wind that came up, made it an interesting time, due to some unexpected help from a boater behind us who untied the stern line the dockhand had set for me to pivot against and in the wind we were lucky there wasn't another boat in the double slip beside us!! The Admiral, who was directing the lines and the dockhand in this wind, uttered several unladylike words trying to gain this poor fellows attention and what he should be doing!!!!] at CenterPointe Marina at 12:35, now CDT [travel time 6 hrs actually, not 5].

A few interesting events in the crossing. Never lost sight of land which was amazing - just as the coast of MI was almost gone, the shore of WI was just visible [with binocs]. The 623' cargo ship with a 79' beam and 26' draft appeared north of us and we watched as our intended courses were going to intersect; since he had the ROW [Right of Way - he was on our right/stbd] and is much bigger, we decided to alter course and speed to allow him to pass in front. The photo is zoomed too much and so is not very sharp.

We heard the USCG on the radio [ch.16 is for emergencies and initial contacts only] saying "the child who is using the radio, please get your parent!" They did this a couple of times, and then informed them and their parents they were breaking the law and would be met at the dock once they were identified.

We saw the deepest water since being on the Great Lakes - 890'! Actually, the deepest water anywhere we've been!

Maintenance: No leaking coolant found! All is well, again, so far.


Added one of the USCG station in Frankfort - a cute spot at the harbor entry; and one of the station here as well.

Several of the marina; this is an attractive and well maintained one; has loads of hydrangeas around the office complex. Also, a couple of the seaweed I raked out of the slip; this is apparently the worst year they have had for this. They pile the rakings at the 'T' end on the dock and when the seaweed cutter/harvester comes along, the rakings are pushed into the water the the cutter picks them up like a swather/bailer in farming, puts them on a conveyor belt to fill a bin. The dockhands have had to do this weekly this year. The sailboater next to us, also a Canadian/S.African, was helping by raking his out the slip as well - his props are too small to cut through the patches, whereas ours could manage ok but I still prefer not to go through it and keep it out of the strainers.

Admirals Desk:

Our trip across Lake Michigan was about as good as it gets. Sunny, very calm water with 0ft! waves, and no wind. Set the autopilot on a straight line to this marina and look out the windows. Rob even had a nap. We saw about 4 other boats, including the cargo ship that Rob has already mentioned [and we had to alter course to avoid a collision - amazing, not another vessel in sight and we would have collided!!! rjw]. There were many fishing boats on each shore but they were all stationary.

And another nice marina with very nice staff. There are good restaurants, groceries, etc nearby. And there is Uber!! We can go places!

Rob, never one to be doing nothing, is cleaning seaweed out of our slip. He saw the neighbor doing his so decided to join the fun. There are piles of the stuff! See photos.

We are back on Central time; the same as Florence. Its amazing how much difference an hour can make. Our long evenings just got shorter.

That's all for tonight.


Just discovered that our marina is 1.1 miles away from a Speedway! Just heard one rather loud race. Hope this is only a Saturday event.

Plans: our UPS package didn't arrive today so I get to put off replacing the VacuFlush bellows/rings likely now until Monday.


Janice  •  11 Jul, 2021 - Don’t they use seaweed to wrap sushi? Looks like you make a lot of it!!!

Ernie R  •  11 Jul, 2021 - Talk about making a right turn! You should have sped up and beat that freighter ! Glad you have learned a new skill, raking sea weed, who would have thought! You will be quite handy when TP fills up with debris! You need to go to the speedway for a little local culture!