Rain started last evening and has been off/on all night and expected to rain most of today/tonight. The SC Advisory is now in effect until Thursday midday but the waves are to remain at least 2' with winds persisting all day at 15-22 kn which would make docking a bit tricky - at least for us. So, we will stay here on Thursday, though might have to change to the slip next to us since ours has been already reserved [unless that boat cancels - one can always hope].

Maintenance: Since raining all day, had time to do a few needed things. Replaced the Galvanic Isolator ring terminals with appropriate #6 crimped rings so that the whole wire now included in the crimp [when replaced the isolator, didn't have correct ring terminals and had had to snip about a third off the dia.to fit the largest yellow rings I had, until could get the proper rings, etc. Also, had to buy a proper battery terminal crimping tool - it works for AWG #0-10 size].

Noticed water dripping from around one of the lights in salon port side; likely from pooling of water directly above on sundeck due to portabote and outboard stuff; rearranged and pooling draining now. Can't see any breach of sundeck flooring to allow leak; checked radar arch via access cover and none seen either. Will watch.

Pulled off floor hatch to see the coolant cap expansion tank level - no real change. Could it be that once below a threshold amount of coolant, the pressure drops a tish and the leakage is reduced? Doesn't make sense though. Will watch for now and keep checking the level in the expansion tank/rad.cap and if not dropping, will simply observe; otherwise, add some to the recovery tank.

Photos: none

From the Admiral:

A dull, dreary wet day. A few chores then a book! A bonus event - the marina staff gave us the number for a shuttle service to drive us to the grocery store. There is apparently a good one here. I always take advantage of any opportunity to keep up supplies. And a ride in the rain is too good to pass up.😁. Especially since I showered and did my hair! Still looks like boat hair though.

Nice grocery store. Small but a good selection of good stuff. Some things are advertised as local; some breads and baking, deli salads, and interesting preserves like pickled carrots.

Jeez, life must be getting boring when a trip to the grocery store is the reportable event of the day!!

Eating in again. Just not worth the effort to go out in the wind and rain. We'll do better tomorrow. So another easy sheet pan meal. Lemon chicken with roasted veggies.

Never assume a day without a reportable event is over until it's over. The wind and rain kicked up to near torrential, or so it seemed, and the ceiling leak became more than a slight drip. Seeming more likely to be the radar arch somewhere. If Rob doesn't blow away while trying he is hoping to wrap some plastic around possible spots. Plumbers putty also being used.

The Bay is pretty wild looking even though its quite well protected. There were 3 kite surfers out and they were really moving! The wind is gusting to +30 and we are crushing the dock. Fenders are doing their job, hope the dock is solid.

And the inside windows are all fogged up.

Fingers crossed that the leak is fixed enough for the night.

Good night.


Will be here Thursday, then Friday head to Northport - they said they can still have a 'tight' spot for us on Friday; then to Frankfort for Sat. and across L.Michigan Sun. to Sturgeon Bay, wx still permitting.


Ann R  •  08 Jul, 2021 - Sounds a little like “Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride” except on water! Glad you are snug in Marina! What about those rocks nearby? Are they a problem when getting buffeted by the weather? Stay safe!

Ernie R  •  08 Jul, 2021 - Even dull days can be exciting on a boat! You may have to get used to 2’ seas! Doubt less coolant would result in less system pressure, probably just heat up quicker. Good luck finding source of leak, at least it is a “light” leak and not major torrent!