Having a boat is one of Gods ways to keep people humble! As Marg noted last evening, we had a 'significant' water leak in the salon ceiling port side, during the wild storm yesterday afternoon/evening, and I finally identified the likely source as the radar array hinge [I think], with driven water tracking down inside the arch with the wiring, and visible if one looks up into the arch from the ceiling; although wrapping the base with plastic and bungee cord last night didn't stop the drip [it may be that my fixit job wasn't adequate]; only when it stopped raining could we remove the towels and ice trays catching the water dripping from inside the arch pillar - and that was at 02:30. The wind continues today at 15-22kn. Really miserable. And still some fine spitting.

Opened the access panel under the array and definitely some residual wetness felt this p.m. Might be leaking from the Direct Satellite's wiring entry above; or from one of the hinge bolts, or??? Stuffed a plastic bag around the perimeter of the access hole and hopefully any more rain leakage from the array wiring passage above will drop down onto the access panel and out one side that I left loose. Fingers crossed until we get home.

Yesterdays wx brought out 3 kite surfers - a parasail pulling someone on a surf board. Had never seen them before and in the 25kn winds and surf from the NE fetch, these guys were really clipping along - at least 25mph!

Also had a leak around the gasket/seal of the flybridge hatch; had already caulked it last year, but looks like need to replace the seal - the rubber ages and thins, etc.

Yesterday a.m. I spoke with a tech at Sealand/Dometic about our Vacuflush bellows leak; she was extremely helpful. Said that many of the Amazon sourced products are knock-offs [the o-rings and the bellows] that don't fit properly or breakdown too quickly [the bellows accordion splits]. So I ordered a new kit of bellows/rings/C-clamp/duckbill valves - all OEM. She shipped them yesterday and UPS will have them to Sturgeon Bay, WI when we arrive there Sun/Mon. and I will be up to my elbows in 'it' again.

We fortunately have a separate vacuflush system for the aft head [independent vacuum generator/bellows/etc] which 'dumps' into the one holding tank; and, putting it in perspective, is still closer to our bed than the toilet at home is! So, no complaints.

Photos: several of Main St. Suttons Bay; buildings have almost a New England appearance; a couple of the Boons Pub - we ate there tonight and had good meat loaf! Food and service were great; waitress said 90% of their patrons are tourists; bartender said they are having trouble finding people to work - a recurring lament; I ordered a 'neat' JW Red scotch and he poured me a double - I think a single looked too embarrassingly small, so I tipped him more.

A couple of a garden accessory store - all their stuff is sitting outside and if you want to buy it, take a photo and they will bring it. Neat stuff and a neat downtown of 2 blocks.

Walked out to the end of the marina this sunset and got a couple of shots; also one of their handicapped beach access with a fabric covered section enabling wheelchairs to get to the picnic table and water. The Village Hall is just above us along with bike and hiking trails; nice night finally with people walking, eating at the many restaurants or ice cream spots; a great little town.

From the Admiral:

Another dreary and windy day that slowly improved and we finally managed to get out for supper. Boones Pub. We chose this place because it had meatloaf. Very good but mine might be better.😁

The garden accessories store was amazing! See photos. The first place I've really wanted to buy something from. The colored glass items were very Chihuly-like and the metal wind creations were gorgeous. Fortunately/unfortunately? the shop was closed. This is a lovely little community. One of many in this area.

The weather has calmed and we're having a lovely evening. Nothing is leaking and we're no longer crushing the dock. It bodes well for our departure tomorrow. It will be a longer travel day so we will start early.

Time to say goodnight. Need to catch up on my beauty rest after staying up late to monitor our leak last night.


Reserved slips today for Wisconsin for all next week; the marinas there are also busy so needed to book a week in advance.

Tomorrow will head for Frankfort, 76 miles SW, and bypass our original Northport destination [13miles along the route], because the wx looks good and we want to take advantage of crossing L.Michigan Sat, from Frankfort to Sturgeon Bay, 58miles.


Deedee  •  09 Jul, 2021 - What a fantastic idea for handicapped persons!!!

Ann R  •  09 Jul, 2021 - Lovely photos! Glad you were able to get up the pub. The sunset was gorgeous! Best of luck fixing the leaks. At least it didn’t drip on your head!

Ernie R  •  09 Jul, 2021 - Can’t beat a good meatloaf! Great pictures!