Days Events:

Had a grand cruise today. Left Bay Harbor at 08:00 in sun and calm waters, 69F, winds SW 2-4. Little choppy in the bay and around into L.Michigan but seas became 'glass' once entering Grand Traverse Bay, the last 2 hrs. essentially. After 4.3hr, at 1800 rpm [actually 1500 rpm more likely, based on more accurate tach on flybridge] and 11 mph, arrived at Sutton Bay [municipal] Marina at 12:20.

Marina is cozy, 174 slips with 37 transient, set up along a single channel [see photo], at the top of Suttons Bay, and we are the largest size they can take. They hire students for dockhands, like all the State docks do, but have posted their photos with their names and what school or university they are going to, at the Marina Office; a neat promotion.

Walked to 'main' street, just at top of small hill along the shore. This is a nice upscale looking village with several good restaurants and apparel shops within a 2 block distance. Look forward to eating at the pub tomorrow.

Looking forward to another one of Margs sheetpan burger recipes. Really smells good. Has bacon!

Wx starting to worsen late this afternoon and glad we aren't on the water. SCA in effect. Waves already 3-4' on L.Michigan.

Maintenance: all is good, though still lost a wee bit of coolant. Will check again as travel. Have a call into vacuflush folks about the o-ring and whether to replace the whole bellows, etc.


As above. Several of marina/boats and surrounding area. Lots of people about; no masks. One of the rocks lurking beneath the surface immediately next to us - we are docked beside the closed boat launch ramp! Will have to leave by heading straight out along the dock!

From Admirals Desk:

Another nice trip. We've been lucky. We also have marinas booked all the way go Wisconsin. Most marinas are full so again we've been lucky. And Rob is very persistent. And they're all short staffed.

Today we had a boat pass us spewing lots of black smoke. We thought mmm something is not looking good. A few minutes later the Coast Guard came on the radio announcing a boat with an engine fire! A nearby boat got to them first and safely got the 6 people off. The fire was out by then and we assume the boat didn't sink. Something can always go wrong but Rob's diligent maintenance keeps the odds in our favor.

This marina is part of the Suttons Bay waterfront park. There is a nice sand beach across the parking lot. Also, there are several good restaurants right close to us. This area is in wine country and there are tours available. Mostly starting from Traverse City so I'm not sure we can get on one. Especially with short notice.

Transportation is always a problem.

Its raining now, a nice light rain. Looks like the heavy storms will just miss us.

That's all for tonight.


Clean bugs and spider poop off windows, etc. Eat out.


Ernie R  •  07 Jul, 2021 - Next time would you please follow the boat in distress, especially if on fire, would be great pictures! Did you know the rocks were there when you docked?! You all will be out of lake soon!

Janice  •  07 Jul, 2021 - I haven’t heard of sheet burgers!! Feel like sharing a recipe Margaret? Enjoy following your postings and pictures😊.

Robert & Margaret  •  07 Jul, 2021 - There are many sheet pan recipes online. I like them on the boat as the oven is the easiest to put together something without using too many appliances and managing power use. And many marinas frown on bbqs. Flames and fuel pumps! Anyway, beef patties, bacon, onions on a cookie sheet at 425 for 25min, top with cheese, etc. and serve either on a bun or not if doing keto.. The bacon makes it work. I'll try to send a link. It's a keto recipe.

Deedee  •  07 Jul, 2021 - Sounds yummy! Will try it! Have a nice dinner out tomorrow 😍

Robert & Margaret  •  07 Jul, 2021 Ernie, The harbormaster pointed them out as I was pivoting to go in - she said don't get too close to them! Stay close to the dock she said! Didn't realize how close and shallow until we were tied up - they are 'only' that close at the stern/props. So may pull ourselves out about 10' before engaging the props - JIC [Just in Case]!

Ernie R  •  07 Jul, 2021 - Rocks, Rob, good thing you so good at taking orders/direction from authority figures! I’m guessing the Harbormaster picture was in with all the others!