Days Events:

Wind. More wind. And more wind. The Great Lakes tend to indeed be windy. Today it is 12-20mph, S-SW, with waves 3-6-8'. The Admiral notes that wind can drive a person insane!

Put another 2 liters of soapy Dawn water into the stbd bilge, which drains into the forward bilge pump. Odor has almost disappeared. What I had put down yesterday was gone, leaving some suds in the bilge pump well.The fender boards are keeping us free of squeaks.

The smell of baking bread and buns fills the boat: the Admiral has outdone herself; I love fresh bread/buns.

Photos: the swallow nests under the fuel dock shed eaves; amazing little structures; the swallows were 'floating' in the wind around me but I couldn't get a picture. The new and old docks with the new fuel pumps; there's a USCG boat docked here as well. They went out last night at dusk - don't know why - maybe training/practice in the choppy water.

From Admirals Desk:

Started the day with personal beautification. It takes longer than it it used to.

Then I decided to make bread to try and ignore the wind. Good results but I had only one loaf pan left so I made buns, including a couple of cinnamon rolls/sticky buns with some extra dough. The brown sugar overflowed from one onto the bottom of the oven and of course started to burn and set off the smoke alarm. My excitement for the day. Tomorrow's excitement will be cleaning the oven.😡


Watching the wx forecast sites and Sat. looks like a 'go' for us to cruise to Harrisville, 65 miles NW, across Saginaw Bay. Winds/waves will be on our stern with none of the rough water we've been seeing lately.


Ernie R  •  25 Jun, 2021 - Enough waiting and preparation, no more maintenance items to fix, go for it!

Ann R  •  25 Jun, 2021 - Good luck tomorrow as you travel to the next place. Stay safe! Enjoy your baking.

Tom W  •  25 Jun, 2021 - Safe travels on the open water.