Days Events:

Wx not good on the water today, with a SCA [small craft advisory] in effect until late Thurs/Fri.; winds up to 20mph sustained and waves 4'-8'. After a respite last night, by noon, the SW winds were back to at least 20mph and creating sizeable whitecaps within the sheltered harbor with waves splashing over the fuel dock. We will be here until Sat. at least, and likely Sun/Mon - everything hangs on the wx! And cool temps - only 50 this a.m. but high 75 expected. The locals say the winds have been getting worse the past few years.

Maintenance: Poured some Dawn soapy water, about 1/2 g., into the bilge under the heads, to help clean out the 'wee accident' remnants from yesterday. After a few hours, with todays winds and choppy water that should help wash the bilge of any unwanted material and odor, and out into the forward bilge. Will vacuum out in a day or two if any remaining.

Inflated our 58" black fender we use as a 'fender-board' against pilings [I have a Stanley battery powered air inflator/battery charger]; it is longer than our PVC-fender board, which I repaired this morning as well, and with the winds/waves/storms forecast for the next few days, I will use them to keep us off the pilings - and prevent the 'nails-on-the-blackboard' irritating squeak our rub-rails make on pilings.

Installed the new GFCI [Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter] I bought at the hardware yesterday, to replace the failed one on the aft deck; of course it wasn't straightforward, always something out of alignment to make the effort take longer.

Coolant/antifreeze: wiped out the few mls of coolant underneath the engine; and added 500ml of Peak Global to the recovery/reservoir tank [not supposed to add it directly to the 'radiator'/expansion tank cap after initially doing so. Have marked the recovery tank to show the current level [with 0.5L next to mark]. Will see how it does.

There was about a gallon of dirty water in the aft bilge - it comes from the lazarette - the three hatch covers are not 'sealed' and allow rainwater to drip into it and it is channeled under the generator to the aft bilge. Used a cup and a sponge to remove it.

Photos: Marg took a couple last night which are peaceful views.

From the Admirals Desk:

Another windy day. Very tiresome. Big waves on the lake, and white caps in the harbor. We mainly get the wind, there is good wave attenuation in the marina. Someone once told me that wind can make you crazy. Too late for me but I believe it could be true.

Found a recipe online for pork chops with peaches. If we don't blow away or go totally crazy, that's the plan for supper. Also orzo salad.

An interesting observation re the captain. Throughout his medical career, rubber gloves were required for almost everything. That habit has carried on in his boating life. Hence there are rubber gloves at every station he might work at. Including the ones in his pockets he has at least 13 pairs on the go. Being thrifty, he uses each pair multiple times so they are tucked into little nooks close to where he might them. It also means his hands are smoother than mine. My captain is a sweetie.

Got my hair done today. Great cut, I like it better than my regular style. After the scalping in Charleston I'm always nervous about a new hairdresser.

Also went grocery shopping at the gas station again. Got everything I needed plus a few extras. The marina staff dropped me off at the hair salon, picked me up and took me for groceries and waited while I shopped. Also helped load and unload everything. Being a dottery old lady has some advantages!😂😂

Time to say goodnight.


Deedee  •  24 Jun, 2021 - Your not crazy! Just hope the wind doesn’t get worse! Great to have your hair done! Hugs you two 😍

ErnieR  •  24 Jun, 2021 - Great pictures! Good thing you all are the rugged seafaring types and can handle this weather! Our Tennessee River weather will seem so tame when you get back. Will be glad to send the captain a case of gloves!

Ann R  •  25 Jun, 2021 - Hey Marg, please post a photo of your new haircut! Glad that worked so well! How were the pork chops?

Robert & Margaret  •  26 Jun, 2021 - Hair photo would make the hairdresser look bad. Wind, rain and general boat hair neglect!

Pork chops were good.