Days Events:

05:30 - This will be a serial report since I got up at 04:00 to adjust a couple of lines and reposition 2 fenders that had slipped, allowing our rub rail to be on the posts. Cold here at 51 with wind NW still 10-18, straining our lines. Going to 66 today but waves now at 3-5' outside the harbor and will be down to 1-3' this pm - conclusion is we definitely will not be leaving here. Only window for travel could be tomorrow mid-day and it's a maybe so we decided to wait until Saturday or Sunday likely.

Maintenance: Tony, our mechanic, found a replacement heating element for our HWH so I took the marinas shuttle, driven by staff, to the hardware and picked it up, along with a needed element wrench [$8], and installed it without having to drain the heater! [see photo] It works fine and no more power problems.

My marina driver is retiring in Oct. and used to work for a local security firm for the two food processing plants here; the one plant produces 'amoeba' liquids which are sprayed onto farm fields to eliminate 'bad' bacteria. She gave me an abbreviated history of the city and its 1800 residents. The hardware store is classic small town - only had the one clerk working the check out today but she knew where everything was and all about it!! I picked up some needed 5/16" rope and a replacement GFCI for the aft deck, as well as the critical heater element/wrench.

Vacuflush: changed the duckbill valves on the forward head vacuflush this a.m. Took 2 hrs total, partly because I had a wee accident from the outflow hose, which T's into the aft toilet and which was still 'active'; and it required numerous paper towels and Lysol sprays to correct my error! After changing all 4 [2 on each side of the bellows housing and within the hose obviously - see photos] all is well again in the Webb toileting world. Both heads now work as intended.

Photos: there two showing one of the 3 failed duckbills with heavy calcification on it and the 'bill' failing to close [see photo from a few days ago of the whole system],

Step support: the lowest step down to the hallway covers the forward bilge pumps, which also drain the condensate from two a/c units [as well as drainage from the bilge under the two heads]; the step gave way just as Marg was coming to help me and as I was finishing with the duckbills. The fiberglass had 'rotted' and the screw holding the wood block step rest had fallen off. So had to shift it over about 3" and redrill holes for the screws and the wood support piece is now back in a playable position and the step is safe to use again.!

From the Admirals Desk:

The weather is still an ongoing event. Windy and chilly and unpleasant. I didn't mind staying in all day. And now it raining and thundering. We have the heat turned on.

Spent the morning getting caught up on bills, banking and bookkeeping. Our internet is slow today so everything takes longer. I usually end up using 2 devices as split screens or switching from site to site can get really bogged down. I print as little as possible. Paper requires filing and I hate filing!

We have hot water again. The local hardware store had a replacement element and Rob installed it. Thanks to youtube it was a pretty easy job, other than being contorted in the utility locker. I like to watch what he's doing and offer helpful advice from time to time.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‹

The wind has finally calmed and the sun is shining. A nice end to a day of nasty weather. The long evening light is is especially nice. Tomorrow should be nice here in the marina, lake will still have big waves in the the wrong direction. So I think I'll get a ride to the gas station again for a few groceries. We're going to be in small communities on our next couple of stops so I want to keep us well stocked while I can. No Uber or Instacart!

Time for galley cleanup so that's all for today.

Planning: tomorrow will fix the fender board using the 5/16" rope from the hardware; and...


Deedee  β€’  23 Jun, 2021 - Your comments are always welcome!😍

Ernie R  β€’  23 Jun, 2021 - Nothing like good maintenance days and fixing things the FIRST time! Always have paper towels/Lysol handy for MSD maintenance! Learned the hard way! Can’t carry too many spares, problem is trying to remember where I stashed everything!