Days Events:

Left Riverside at 09:30 when the long term slip holder knocked on our hull to say he was just launching his boat from storage and needed his own slip back! The office wasn't open yet. It was rather breezy, 10-16mph, but the wind favored us pushing the boat out of the slip; Marg had to hold a loop on the stbd dock to help hold position until I could back up 5' and make contact on the piling [see photo], on which I could slide until the bow cleared the stbd finger and I could pivot the bow out. Meanwhile, the slip holder had pulled up in his 40' boat trying to hold his position in the wind, against a piling across the bigger channel. But, we managed well, without hitting anything and left Detroit R. into L.St.Clair about a mile NE.

-----Although the dock staff were helpful and friendly last night, the organization of the marina leaves something to be desired.

-----The trip up the Lake was choppy with waves 1' mostly, on the port bow, and we cruised at 1600rpm for 9.9mph, in relatively shallow waters of 10-12' the last hour or so, arriving at MacRay Harbor Resort Marina, on Point Huron, in Harrison Charter Township, MI, at 12:10, sunny, 70, but windy. The winds were not kind to us and the marina channel we were on is only 70' wide and the slips are 50' [we are one of the larger boats here]; we were in the last slip of that group and it was a bit tricky with the wind. Fortunately, several fellows ran over and helped with lines to enable me to pivot around the piling into the slip [see photos].

-----This is a resort with a harbor: has 6 or 7 'avenues' allowing cars to drive right to the slip; 60-80 slips per avenue on the central channel [just like at Toledo Beach]; there are 2 restaurants, a large pool with Tiki Bar, Events center [all that in same building in front of us - see photo]. Unfortunately, only the Tiki Bar is open during the week - the Helm Restaurant is a 4-star - pity. The office and store are by the fuel dock, the far side of the events/pool/restaurant building.

-----They also have condos with car garages on one side and boat garages on the other! Neat. Likely not cheap. [see photo]

Checked the engines: no more coolant leak evident - many cheers, requiring a beer in celebration - see photo of Fat Tire [amber ale from CO]. Will check fill cap level tomorrow when engine cooler.


As described above for the marina/resort. Note the wind effect - the white gauzy fabric on the wedding arbor is blowing straight out in the wind, just like all the flags. Winds remain brisk all day, approaching 26mph often.

From Admirals Desk:

The wind is the main event of day. It wasn't too much of a problem leaving this morning, the lake had bigger waves than forecast (predictable), but at least the direction was ok. Rob said 1ft, but there were times that they looked more like 2ft to me. I'm a wave wuss.😋. Docking this afternoon was pretty exciting because of the wind. But also a narrow channel and a narrow slip. Not getting blown into other boats was challenging. We have a greater appreciation for how useful pilings and rubrails are in difficult docking situations. Rob did an impressive job, again! But really glad we had some help.

And the flag in the wind situation😵😵. There is a large flag on a tall metal pole next to us. The metal flag attachments have been clanking non stop. Its like a big clock constantly beating on your brain.😵😵😵

Curry-Cajun chicken tonight. One of Rob's favorites and he earned it today. It smells great in here.

I might try to get a hair appointment tomorrow. Always makes me nervous to go to a stranger, but 2 out of 3 have been good.

That's all for today.


Check coolant expansion tank. Get engine parts from Amazon at store. Maybe eat out??


Ann R  •  16 Jun, 2021 - So Marg, is Cajun curry like a fusion dish? Sounds interesting! Good luck with your hair appointment. Someone advised to find a local whose hair (cut /style / color) looks good and ask for referral! Might work! Don’t know if there’s an app for that! 😇 We’re glad there aren’t sailboats nearby! They clank with the best of them!!

Robert & Margaret  •  16 Jun, 2021 - I think calling it "fusion" might be an overstatement. It's a quick oven dish that I've had for years that uses curry powder, Cajun seasoning, honey and mustard. The Cajun really adds to the curry. We like it.😀

Andy Logsdon  •  16 Jun, 2021 Rob, Marg, where are staying Sunday evening. I will be in Port Huron. We closed on our new to us Ranger Tug this past Monday 6/14, and the transporter picks it up next Monday 6/21. I’ll be prepping the boat Sunday late morning and afternoon but if you are in the area and want to grab dinner, or need wheels for a provisioning run, let me know. Andy Logsdon 256-443-7435.

By the way, be careful if you try and pass freighters heading north up the St Claire River, especially as you approach the Big Blue Bridge at the mouth of Lake Huron. With the current that flows through that area the bow waves looked to be 6-8’ high. I’ve never seen anything like it before.

Robert & Margaret  •  18 Jun, 2021 - Andy, sorry for the late reply. We will be in Lexington on Friday and then Harbor Beach on Sat., so will miss your time here. Thanks for the heads up about the Big Blue Bridge.