Days Events:

Wx much nicer with only light winds, 4-8mph! Sunny, 52 at dawn, rising to 75 later.

Updated the SD card chartplotter map and software for our Axiom electronics which will carry us now to Florence. Used Google Earth to review the marinas we will be staying at; helps recognize it from the water. Although the chartplotter routing can get us to the area, sometimes there are several marinas squeezed together and deciding which is the correct one can be interesting.

Maintenance stuff: the coolant/antifreeze expansion tank level dropped marginally; still none in the recovery tank [was a bit when engine hotter]. May add another 500ml to the recovery tank. Used Spray Nine clean the heads cover/fuel injector lines/etc, of belt dust and grime since last year when the belt was changed.

The holding tank external monitor seems to be 'holding its own' re accuracy. I always check visually starting on PPD5 [Post Pumpout Day 5] and then daily . Wouldn't want to be caught with our pants down again. Now pumpout at least every 7-8 days.

The VacuFlush for our head seems to be running longer [at least hourly kicks in to regenerate the vaccum]; on the to-do list.

Tried some 'Hull Cleaner' on the stubborn 'staining' on the top of the transom, which has a non-skid surface; it wasn't as bright as the swim platform. It is now a bit brighter. Applied some Woody Wax over it to seal and protect the surface somewhat.

Photos: the street/channel sign beside our spot we used for Instacart [101 Evergreen Dr.]. Our maintenance-neglected power pedestal: the receptacles for the 50A connection are just hanging outside the pedestal; but, just noticed now that the ground wires have been cut and only 3 of the 4 wires are connected; doubt if this meets code [National Electrical Code]; is an electrical risk and a fellow looper who we just met has a full time slip here and will inform them what needs to be done asap.

And, a shot of a caddisfly; they are more numerous than the mayflies, smaller, pale, but also cover everything.

From the Admirals Desk:

Good to have a down day after yesterday's adventures. I think I'll read a bit, search out a place to eat and check on Uber availability here. Take a stroll around the marina. Its pretty quiet here. Nobody around except a guy mowing. Its a big marina but not many transient slips. No loopers to visit with.

.....I have to take back my no Looper comment. A local Looper stopped by to offer advice on Michigan marinas and places of interest. This is his home port. Another early retiree with a $$$ boat. A new Tiara 44 Coupe. The technology on the new boats, especially pod drives with GPS positioning, certainly make boat driving easy. The guys next to us could have used a little driving assistance earlier this evening. Appear to have bumped a couple of things while docking

We got our invoice from Riverside marina. We've apparently moved up in the world. The invoice was for a 752.20 ft boat! No wonder it was so hard to get it into the slip.😆😆. We called and they redid the invoice, this time for 88 ft. Not a well run facility. We're waiting for invoice #3.

That's it for today. Hoping for an easy departure in the morning.


Leave fairly early in a.m. for Port Huron, 43 miles, to get ahead of the winds/waves predicted for later in the a.m.


Ernie R  •  17 Jun, 2021 - At this rate TP won’t have a big enough slip for you!

Ann R  •  17 Jun, 2021 - Wow. When did you get a bigger boat? Wish you hadn’t mentioned it; Ernie is now avidly looking for a 90 footer - not to be upstaged, “ya know!”

Ann R  •  17 Jun, 2021 - Those flies are not pretty! The cicadas are hatching out here now. Would you like some of them too? Rather melodious this morning. Watching out for copperheads (who consider them a tasty treat!) Safe travels and happy adventures.

Monte  •  17 Jun, 2021 - Sure enjoy your blog Rob. The world has such a wonderful perspective from the water! Thanks for sharing. (There is a very real danger of electrocution for anyone being in the water at that marina where your ground wire was cut, in addition to below water running gear damage to the boats moored there) Hope the vacuum leak on the head is easy to locate!

Monte  •  18 Jun, 2021 - Rob not sure if you use Navionics… super great program that runs on your phone and I-Pad, which I use along with the Chart on the bridge. One of the many great features is auto routing… cheers Monte

Robert & Margaret  •  18 Jun, 2021 - Monte, I have Navionics on my phone as well as on one of the Galaxys and on the Raymarine Axiom; the 2nd Galaxy is used for Aquamaps. I found that Navionics Sonar has the most accurate depth contours.

As for the vacuum leak, alas not so easy - will have to replace the bellows when have a 2 night stay at a marina [I have the bellows and seals].