Days Events:

It was a relatively stressful day. Winds and waves were brisk in the a.m. so after pumpout at 10:45 we tied up at the restaurant dock waiting to see if things would improve; and they did almost immediately! Amazing - from 2' NE breaking waves to 1' or less with no whitecaps, etc.

Left Toledo Beach at 11:05, traveled 47miles in 5hr, mostly 1800 rpm for 11mph, until we entered the Detroit R. and the current dropped our speed to 9mph. Arrived at Riverside Marina at 16:00/4pm, just as a 20min. rain stopped.

There was no commercial shipping all day during our trip! And, only a few pleasure boats. Probably quite a change from the weekend [thank goodness]. Although, the river has a designated 'upward' and 'downward' channel which was ignored by several small boats likely because the direction guide is just for the large freighters, etc. since the channels are quite narrow at the L.Erie end.

The marina office was closed and the day manager/fuel dock staff had no knowledge of our booking, but were helpful and we tied up at the fuel dock while they sorted it out and helped get us into a close slip; decided to go bow in due to the wind and a rather narrow channel. The marina is a 'work in progress' it appears, with new buildings and a couple of docks, but the majority are in rough shape yet; it is large, 373 slips with 20 transients; we have 11' of water under us in the slip.

Decided to run the generator all night - they have boats here that do that - at the Admirals suggestion [the pedestal has a difficult 50A access and the power cord may not make it from our stern and there is the risk of it falling in the water because it has to run the full length of the boat with half of that having no rail, etc. to prevent it falling. Generally hate to do that - noisy, diesel smell, may irritate other boats, but it is acceptable here per the manager.

Engine Room stuff:

Ok, but small amount of coolant leaking. Full update in the morning.


There was a few mls of coolant along the inside stringer again and in the outside stringer well, and a few splatters on the pad and in the foil pan - less than 5mls likely. No coolant in the recovery tank, 2 hrs after docking. Since engine temps are fine, etc, will check the expansion tank fill cap again on Wed. Everything else seems fine.

Photos: one shows the 'Detroit Light' marking the entrance to the Detroit R. in L.Erie - it is showing its age I think. One of the homes along the Canadian shore at Amherstburg; several of the Detroit area including both downtowns - Windsor, ON across from Detroit - and the Ambassador Bridge joining them. One of some industry which appears to be decommissioned - not terribly pretty unfortunately.

From Admirals Desk:

With hindsight, it was a good gravel day. The "go-no go" decision was stressful, what if we got out there and had made an unwise decision!? Anyway, we made a good decision.

Traveling in the Detroit river was pleasant; nice sightseeing, no traffic and well marked channels. I enjoyed being back on a river.

The marina is one of the more Interesting ones we've stayed at. As Rob said, it appears to be a work in progress. Our slip needs more progress. The tiki hut boats seem to be ok, though. They've made several runs. And it's Monday!!

We have several more photos to add. My phone was having sending issues so we'll add them tomorrow.


Tomorrow we go to Point Huron in L.St.Clair, at the MacRay Harbor Marina Resort, 24miles. Wx is favorable.


Ernie R  •  15 Jun, 2021 - At least we are back in fresh water again! Sure would be nice to have camera in engine room. Next trip to Guntersville/Chattanooga will be so boring for you all!

Ann R  •  15 Jun, 2021 - Hope those pesky flies are gone! I dislike them immensely! Sounds like your trip is going well!

Helen  •  15 Jun, 2021 - Looks like you're close to your old digs in Flint, MI. Are you going to 'pop over' and revisit these old stomping grounds??

Robert & Margaret  •  17 Jun, 2021 - Ha! Not likely! Flint was not a nice place and we lived in an even less nice area. Very inner city. There was rape one block from our apartment complex. It was an eye opener for this prairie girl!