Days Events:

Mayflies worse this a.m.! Swept them, sort of, to the corners of the aft cockpit so we could get off the boat without stepping on them making a worse mess; used the hose to clean them off the swim platform. Son Jeff, the entomologist, says these are male burrowing types which were almost exterminated due to pollution in the Great Lakes but have made a comeback in recent years and are indeed a bit of a nuisance in places. [FYI they have no mouth parts and their only purpose in life is to have sex and they die within a couple of days - some people might comment that it doesn't get much better: no irritating talk between couples while engaging in sex and then you die!!]

Finished cleaning the fenders; feels better!!

Rewrapped the 50A power cord plug to stabilize it when going in/out of the retractor on the aft deck; and when plugging it into the pedestals. [It's not an OEM solid/fused plug, which is waterproof, since I had to replace it last year - the cover remains slide-able so need the duct tape to strengthen and stabilize it.]

Checked the coolant level of stbd fill cap/expansion tank: it looked a bit low so added, via measuring cup, 1.75 cups of red coolant to bring it to the drain hole level; the recovery tank shows nothing so will now wait and see what tomorrows travel does.

The a/c unit is less wet, perhaps because the shims are directing the condensate away from that corner - the long side is actually dry, while the short side continues to need a towel to absorb the water which we wring out and rotate with a dry one, about once per 1-2 hrs. Might try to raise the shim some more??

A couple walking by with their dog asked if I was a doctor. After a chat, she asked what I thought about the covid vaccine because she didn't believe in it since it changes our personal immune system and since viruses don't survive anyway. We had some discussion about the history of vaccinations and the evidence supporting their role in improving health/longevity; and the rather obvious correlation between the rising rate of covid vaccinations and the dramatic drop in infections/death. I hope I was able to reassure her that she needs the shot [as her son has been telling her also, so she said]. There is obviously a lot of misinformation out there.

Photos: just the one from supper last night showing a nice spot, busy with boats and people.

From the Desk of the Admiral:

An observation: Although there have been many mass shootings this year, not one has occurred at a marina!! A good place to be.😊

My event of the day was laundry. With the golf cart and the laundry nearby it seemed smart to do the sheets and towels. Our small unit takes forever with bulky things like towels.

I made onion jam! We came across it somewhere and really liked it. It's caramelized onions with balsamic vinegar and a bit of brown sugar and simmered down to a jam consistency. Great on burgers or even on crackers. Having grilled turkey burgers tonight.

Thanks for all the nice anniversary wishes. 50 is a lot of years, and they've been good years.😊. We certainly could never have predicted we'd be sitting in our boat on Lake Erie when #50 arrived!


Heading for the Detroit River, Riverside Marina, at junction with L.St.Clair, tomorrow late a.m., 47 miles. Wx favorable.

Also have to consider when/where to buy diesel [watch pricing among marinas] and when to have next pumpout after we empty holding tank tomorrow a.m. - I now always ask the dockmaster when I call to ensure their pumpout is working; if it isn't, would plan to pumpout then at the prior marina[need to empty holding tank at least every 7-8 days].