Days Events:

Woke to find a million mayflies covering the boat [all the white boats too]. A woman walking by said she uses a blower to get rid of them. I used a soft broom aft and then the hose. They will be a daily event until their mating season ends. [see photos]

Washed the boat. Cleaned 3 white fenders; used Softscrub & scrubpad & elbow/finger grease. They took a beating in the Welland. Then, cleaned the sump box - it drains the two sinks and our shower [grey water] and gets a scum from soap/hair, etc; used a bit of dish soap and a tooth brush. Lots of preventive maintenance if you don't want the Law of Entropy to result in a bothersome event.


Several of the marina office complex; note the sandwich board for the restaurant, which we will attend this evening. Also, the wood docks which are fixed [i.e. not floating] with pilings. One of the a/c unit [small, self-contained], which shows the presumed leak points being the 2 screws holding the pan to the floor; also shows the shims in place.

From the Admirals Desk:

Its hard to overstate how good a shower can feel! There are travel days when showers are not a priority and we get a little grungy looking. But, boaters generally are pretty grungy looking. Even those on $$$ boats! Anyway, I feel rejuvenated. Vacuumed up the dead black flies in the pilot house and made my sweetie some cookies. [capt.log says they are choc.chip and chewy and therefore vg.]

We're going to the marina restaurant tonight. As close to an anniversary dinner as we'll get, and actually we're getting past liking the big fancy restaurants. Like the food but prefer a more casual atmosphere. Overlooking Lake Erie with local walleye or perch is pretty good!


Tomorrow, clean the remaining fenders; check the coolant level in the stbd expansion tank - ? add more.

Called Port Huron and reserved a slip for next Thurs.night; so we have places to stay till Friday now.


Ernie R  •  13 Jun, 2021 - Mayflies a real pest! Think Rob should only get cookies after all chores completed and inspected!

Robert & Margaret  •  13 Jun, 2021 - The cookies are definitely an incentive. Can always therefore find more to do!

Deedee  •  13 Jun, 2021 - Hope you have a walleye time tonight! Happy Anniversary 🥳

Tom R.  •  13 Jun, 2021 - Apparently the fish flies are everywhere you go this time of the year. They were certainly out in full force last night up here at Waskesiu and sound like an electrical energy field.