Days Events:

Departed Kelleys I. at 08:35 with sunny skies, 72, winds NE 6-10; this changed to cloudy, winds 8-14 NE, waves 1-2, so we did some zig-zagging to tolerated the swells/waves off our stbd beam. Managed well and arrived, after 4 hr, at Safe Harbor Toledo Beach marina, in La Salle, MI at 12:35, at the west end of L.Erie.

Saw about 80 fishing boats [actually counted them! :) ] in two groups and had to slow and maneuver among them; radio suggested a competition event. Also had to deal with small biting black flies, as in N.Saskatchewan along the rivers. We kept busy with the fly swatter. Latched to the windshield as well. So we decided we had a "flies and fishing" day.

This is a big marina: 550 slips with only 10 transients - almost full. Most boats are in the 20-40' size. Great dockhand support - he called us and directed us to the slip, met us there with a golf cart, which we keep to use - it's a half mile walk to the office/etc.

Another half hour to adjust the lines [fixed docks with only one side to tie up - slips are doubles with a couple of large pilings to separate the two boats], hook up the power and water. Needed a fender board to stop a piling wounding our new wax/polish/etc job. There is 7' water under the keel. Nice tree behind us with a picnic table.

Toured the site and spoke briefly with the manager who complained about not finding staff because too many people are receiving the federal handout and they aren't looking for work; heard this from other marina and business owners. The complex is large; really clean toilets, etc, large store, well stocked; nice grill restaurant. Everyone is hustling/busy.!! [see photo] We've not seen anyone wearing masks for past 5 days!!

Checked the engines and all ok! No coolant in the catch pan with only about a ml along the bilge stringer. The recovery tank has 1/2" coolant showing, so good to go.

The a/c unit is still losing condensate so have been soaking it up with a towel - there appears to be a 'crack' or hole in the pan immediately under the evaporator unit or at its riveted junction with the pan.


Just a couple of the fuel dock/office area.

From the Admirals Desk:

An okay trip but the waves were of course bigger then forecast. Seems to be predictable that the forecast underestimates the wave height. Either that or we can't tell the difference between 1ft and 2ft! Could very well be that we are clueless.

We've decided to stay in tonight for dinner and go out for an anniversary dinner tomorrow. One day hardly matters after 50yrs and we are always too hot and grubby after a travel day. My hair is especially lovely. Showers are a priority. Anyway, I'm making farro with blistered tomatoes, onion, spinach, pesto and feta. [captains log report shows it was excellent!!] Going vegetarian tonight. Also tricky because of the power use. Stove first, microwave in the middle, oven next then warm it all up together somewhere.

I ordered a big load of groceries with Instacart and had them delivered right to the boat. Wonderful convenience. They even do wine, beer and liquor. We're in Michigan now so new liquor laws. Its hard to keep up. First time for wine and liquor delivery.

Rob mentioned the black flies!😡 We spent the trip today swatting flies. Gonna need to vacuum the pilot house to pick to pick up all the dead ones. I got to hone my fly swatting with a towel skills.

Just to keep us humble now that the coolant leak seems under control the salon A/C has decided to leak. The drip pan has developed a leak that drips down into the aft stateroom closet and onto the carpet. We have a temporary fix using towels to soak up the condensate and a shim. The pan needs replacing; its 16 yrs old and rusted. We have a 4th unused!? unit that could be modified to use in the interim. Everyday is something new. Back to the galley.


Wash boat tomorrow. Will find a couple of other things to do, I'm sure.


Deedee  •  12 Jun, 2021 - Happy 50!!! Wow! I sent a text yesterday!! Enjoy your dinner tomorrow!! 🥳🎉🥃🍺🍷

Ernie R  •  12 Jun, 2021 - Happy 50! Wow, and all that time married to Rob! Might try some form-a-gasket on leaking pan.

Ann R  •  12 Jun, 2021 - Happy 50th! And this is a great anniversary year to be completing the Loop! Sounds like a yummy dinner that no doubt Rob would enjoy. Love the delivery of alcohol!

Tom W.  •  12 Jun, 2021 - HAPPY 50th ANNIVERSARY!

I'm so impressed that you two can be in such close quarters for so many days and still manage to make it to your 50th. Enjoy your time.

Wayne  •  13 Jun, 2021 - Happy anniversary you two, we also are inundated with the same fly problem but on course we are in Northern Saskatchewan!

Janice  •  13 Jun, 2021 = Wow! 50 years… bet it feels like you were born married😬. We wonder, if ours will be one of the last generations to hang in… together?! Hope your coming year is filled with love, laughter and new learning.