Days Events:

Wx great - p.cloudy, 72, light NE winds.

Walked to 'downtown', about 2 blocks away, at 07:15 for a cappuccino and chocolate cake donut; baked on the premises and the owner watches the Great British Baking Show too!

Woke to find lots of mayflies on the aft deck, being gobbled up by blackbirds - took a few photos; the one shows a nice reflection along the dock with a blackbird in flight. Another shows one sitting on our transom eyeing a bit of breakfast - didn't know birds could chirp while holding a bug [or 3] in their beak!

Spent a few hours thoroughly washing/cleaning the aft cockpit, transom, lazarette area, of mayfly bits, spider poop, crud, residual diesel fumes, etc. Feels and looks much better. The admiral does a much better job on the windows than I.

Just to make us realize the boat requires other maintenance, felt water in the rug of the aft stateroom/hallway and found the source to be the salon a/c unit which is in the pilothouse bench. The drain from the drip pan had plugged--the pan is rusting away! Opened the drain with a coat hanger, then used a couple of shims to lift up the far side a bit to keep the condensate flowing more toward the drain; will keep an eye on it obviously. Will have to be replaced though.


As above. Several highlighting the downtown street and buildings. Tried another craft beer, this one from MI - see photo. Nice!

From the Admirals Desk:

A day of paperwork. The IRS wants an identity verification. We have to telephone them with our tax forms and supporting documents in hand. Easy to do at home, but we don't normally carry our tax documents with us on the boat. Thankfully our accountant was able to send copies of everything. This is apparently a random thing. We have to comply within 30 days to receive any refund that we may be owed. Big pain in butt. Probably will be on hold for ever waiting to get thru. Phooey.

I washed the back windows today. Rob cleaned the aft cockpit so it was the least I could do. Got some streaks I need to fix.

Made BLTs for lunch. I haven't bought big tomatoes in forever but the local market, the store that has a little of everything, had some that didn't look like pale pink hard balls.

It's windy today. The lake has 5' waves. Beyond our comfort zone. Hopefully calmer tomorrow.

Fish and chips from the freezer tonight. I wasn't feeling very inspired. Besides I already made BLTs. I don't want to wear myself out. HA!

Nothing else to add so will sign off for today.

Planning: To Safe Harbor Toledo Beach marina tomorrow, 40 miles west. However, we may delay leaving until Saturday because the winds and waves are currently no fun (have adjusted the lines twice already) and forecast to be 8-12 NE but 2ft on our stbd beam -- meaning no fun at all. Will decide in a.m.


Ann R  •  11 Jun, 2021 - Marg, sounds like a good day to stay put. Don’t think those big waves sound like much fun at all! Any nice restaurants in area? Y’all are missing the first Bridge meeting with new commodore tonight. I will have a glass of wine in your honor, & will miss you in the Fairway!

Janice  •  12 Jun, 2021 - So, do you boat through all the Great Lakes? Or, if not, where to head south? Your Landlocked Friend 😬

Robert & Margaret  •  12 Jun, 2021 - We don't go into Lake Superior. And we head south from Chicago.