Days Events:

Departed Lorain at 08:30 in cloudy skies, temp 70, light SW winds. Winds remained SW all day, with waves only ripples initially but worked up to 1' on port bow, so adjusted heading for a few miles until waves began to shift more southerly and we resumed direct heading to Kelleys I., arriving 11:25, 2.9hr, mostly 1800rpm for 11mph.

Solid heavy clouds to SW with rain all along coast, but didn't see any lightning and rain avoided our WNW course. Sunny skies as soon as docked at Portside Marina.

Marina is recently renovated, nice size with 110 slips, 10' water, solid resin and steel docking with large and heavy wave attenuator apron on outer docks, with excellent power pedestals, really clean showers/toilets, office/shop, with great dockhand help - no complaints at all. It has Dockers Restaurant beside office and an ice cream spot as well; golf carts can be rented.

Checked engine room - another good day with no oil or fluid issues. No coolant in foil pan; maybe 3ml along inside stringer of bilge below engine; recovery tank level same [1/2"?]. Can't see any leakage on fittings like before. Will continue to watch and will check expansion tank fill cap when arrive in Toledo Beach, next stop on Friday - if level good and no loss evident, will add more coolant to recovery tank to the mark and see what happens. Also, ordered the replacement hose and cap and a water pump from Seaboard Marine to be delivered to marina in L.St.Clair next week.

Rented a golf cart to take a tour - the island is 4x2 miles - and we drove the western half; population in the winter is about a 100 families; in the summer a lot more. Houses are well kept, most are 60-90 years old? but quite a few newer ones and refurbished older ones too. Very pleasant and relaxing spot. Ferry to mainland every 1/2-1 hr. in the summer.


A few to show a common home style here; and a couple of the marina looking offshore and directly at it.

From Admirals Desk:

An ok travel day. The waves were pretty much as forecasted and we were able to stay out of the rain. Hot and sunny here now.

Rob has gone to organize a golf cart for the rest of the afternoon. The marina is situated right in the small downtown area so we'll be able to check things out. There are a few restaurants and bars, a market that apparently has a little of everything and a general store that also has a little of everything.. And a casino! Looks pretty small, appears to be part of a restaurant and bar....... Just found out that its not really a casino! Just a restaurant named Casino?

We had dinner at Dockside, outdoor bar and restaurant in the marina. Good food and a nice view.

The small downtown area is very quaint and the nearby residential areas have some very nice homes and yards. Some very nice Victorians, few of stone, but generally all clapboard. Winter population is 106. 212 if you drink enough, we were told by an apparent resident.😄

Its a lovely evening to end a good day.

Good night.


Will wash boat tomorrow.


Ernie R  •  10 Jun, 2021 - You should always wash the boat tomorrow! Picture 2/12 shows three things that appear to be growing up from bottom in slip? Neat little town.