Days Events:

Wx was great, c/t yesterday - 84/71, sunny, SW 6-14, waves 0-1, on the bow, and a bit more choppy the last hour; still pleasant.

The 60' Riviera left at 05:30 heading to Detroit; the 85' Mariner left at 07:00 for Cleveland.

Lots of fishing boats the last hour in particular, likely related to this being Sunday; had to divert course a few times. Saw a 1004' freighter with a 25' draft - so he is committed to staying in the western 4 Great Lakes [couldn't get down the Welland], which still allows him about 1000 miles minimum for travel from Buffalo to Duluth, MN.

Left at 07:45, traveled 5.5hr over 56miles at 11 mph, arriving at Geneva State Park Marina at 13:15/1:15pm. Like all the marinas on these two lakes we've been on, they have a narrow channel entrance with large breakwaters and jetties to protect the harbor. GSPM has 380slips, with a long facedock/bulkhead for boats over 40'. The power pedestals are in great condition on floating docks with 9' depth at dockside. Busy place with a small grill but with a couple of beers on draft; small ships store. Well kept docks.

Went to the fuel dock and pumped out [really needed it - we were almost at our 48gal limit - bit of a bummer if had overflowed :)]; great help from the dockhands. Unfortunately all their diesel had just been sold to 2 boats in front of us and the fuel truck will be here in the a.m. so we will come back for about 280g - may be a serendipitous thing because we will then be getting really fresh diesel.

Docked at the long facedock and had a chicken salad sandwich from the admiral, with celery and pimento cheese - always delightful.

Looked at the stbd engine and found coolant drip on the Heat Exchanger zinc and underside of the coolant hose clamp near water pump. More coolant [diluted] in the bilge under engine and on pad; and recovery level down again to about half what I had put in [about 500ml loss] and may end up being more once engine temp drops to ambient. No evidence of leaking around weep hole of water pump, so will reinstall the belt shroud and then tomorrow evening I can crawl over to that side with the engine running and look for an active spray.

Loopers we met at Erie arrived after us; they have a 40' Silverton with gas engines; their home port is near Minneapolis and they are heading for the upper Mississippi to 'cross their wake' and complete the Loop. [see photo]

Time for a Boddingtons Pub Ale! Marg concocting one of her Taco Salads and we will watch another episode of season 3 of The Great British Baking Show - we really enjoy their humor and baking; an enjoyable event.


Marg captured the blue night lights on the Riviera last night, common on the newer boats. A couple of the marina - lots of smaller slips, nice store/shop/grill/fuel dock/office.

From Admirals Desk:

A nice day of travel. The marina is nice, easy to get into and dock, and the dock help was excellent. Very friendly and helpful. The slick docking skills of the captain were impressive, as usual.

Our Mexican meal last night was disappointing so to satisfy our craving for Mexican I'm making taco salad. Its warm here so the salad version sounded good. I have a good recipe.😁

Our easy ride today, autopilot all the way, facilitated dusting and vacuuming the pilot house and the salon. Silly way to pass the time! One of the downsides to being on big water is the lack of a close shoreline to view. The changing home styles and landscapes are interesting.

Its quiet here. We can hear the sounds of a lovely peaceful evening. No motorcycles, trains, helicopters and jets. Last evening we had an outdoor wedding at the marina beside us. After we nearly fell overboard when they shot off a cannon the DJ cranked up the decibels enough to drown out all the other sounds.

That's it for tonight.


After we get our diesel, will head for Lorain, 67miles. Wx forecast remains good.


Ann R  •  07 Jun, 2021 - Can’t find the night photo of blue lights. Hope you post it tomorrow! Glad you had a good day today. Safe travels. Marg needs to do a recipe blog for loopers & us “wanna be” loopers!

Deedee  •  08 Jun, 2021 - Yes I miss your chicken and pimento cheese sandwiches! But most of all I miss you guys and happy hour🍷🍺🥃🍸