Days Events:

Wx was sunny and warm, 68-83, but windy +++ 10-31mph. Glad we were not travelling! A 60' Riviera came in behind us [see photo] this a.m. after she left a nearby marina heading West and had to turn around and came in here; waves were 6-10', even though forecast was 4-5'. One of the towboat operators tells me this is the worst lake on earth for unpredictable wx - it is relatively shallow [e.g. 60' mean, max.210'; whereas L.Ontario is 283' avg and max 800'] which promotes rougher waters with stormy conditions. Todays winds will diminish by this evening and should be tolerable for us tomorrow.

I came out at 05:30 and added 2 more fenders and another stern line to stabilize us better; total of 6 fenders, with the wind blowing us up/down on the dock; whereas the 85' Pacific Mariner that came in last evening didn't need as many fenders, relatively, because the wind was blowing him away from the dock, but he needed 1" lines doubled at the bow to hold him there.

The Mariner traveled from L.Ontario up the Welland, all in 1 day. It has a hired crew that is ferrying her from Naples, FL up to L.Michigan. The Riviera also came up the Welland yesterday, with a hired crew. Both boats are headed West.

Quite a few more boats here c/t when we arrived, including a couple of former/current loopers. The one fellow and his wife looped in 2016 and have a 53' Ocean Alexander, very similar to ours in layout, etc. His knowledge of boats and piloting far exceeds anything I will ever acquire; neat to hear stories about the Great Lakes in particular, good marinas that are protected, etc.

Had planned to wash the boat today but so far [10:00] the wind is rocking us too much. I've put out 6 fenders to keep us off the dock and extra spring lines. The Riviera didn't put out any spring lines so he kept sliding his horizontal fender off a piling - spring lines stop forward and aft movement and help stabilize a fender placement.

Photos: several showing the marina and the larger boats in the wind; one tries to show the various flags 'at attention' due to 31mph wind; one shows the CBP [Customs & Border Protection] boats - big outboards [225hp each x3 or 4 ], go like a bat; you can also see the bright orange towboats.

One shows a shrink-wrapped boat - many boats winterize and then have shrink wrap applied to protect the boat while is sits on a trailer or supports through the winter.

Another shot of our Happy Hour - a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale w/ hops enhanced flavor, and a 'local' craft beer, Old Brown Dog, a NH brewed dark ale. We shared them along with a cheeses/figs/candied raisins/boiled nuts tray. V.G.

From Admirals Desk:

Wind is the main event of the day. We're well secured but there are a couple of boats, including the Riviera which has a professional? captain, that could use some lessons on spring lines.

I was going to attempt to color my hair today but can't find the applicator brush, nor anything to use instead. I'll try to buy something. Pastry brush?

There was a 75' Hatteras that came in late last night. The docking was a gong show. And they left this morning heading into 5' breaking hard waves. I'm surprised, as are the other captains, that he didn't turn around. It'll be an ugly ride.

We returned the rental car today. Certainly makes getting to places on land easier so I think we need to get one more often now that most things are open.

Rob thinks thinks he might have a brush in his grease bag!! If it's clean and suitable the color job might be be back on! Ok, it's small but clean and will work!

Ok. Got the goop on. Fingers crossed that it doesn't turn purple or that I missed a bunch. Can't really see the back of my head. Boats aren't really set up for coloring your hair!.......The hair turned out ok. Phew! Going to need to trim my bangs pretty soon.

Going to try Uber eats to deliver Mexican tonight. I finally figured out how to use it. I'm a little slow.

That's all for today.

Planning: leave in a.m. for Geneva State Park Marina, 56 miles - hopefully!!


Ernie R  •  06 Jun, 2021 - From the pictures I thought you all had a new boat! Am sure the boats could handle a few waves, the crew/captain need to toughen up, how embarrassing to have to turn back! Hope you writing all the fine spirits down, although not like we could get them in good ole Alabama!

Ann R  •  06 Jun, 2021 - Rob, I have done Jameson’s of some kind! Discovered it on last trip to Scotland / Ireland. Agree it’s as good as scotch, almost! Marg, your gourmet meals sound great. Guess I need to step up mine on WayPoint! Enjoying your blog!