Days Events:

Had to wait for diesel tanker to come and fill Geneva supply tank; he arrived at 09:15; took him awhile to finish, then, we started refueling about 10:00 and the fuel pump/nozzle wasn't working properly so it took us 1.5hr to put in 300g total!

Finally left Geneva at 11:45 onto a perfect surface, no waves, like glass at times, slightly overcast, temp 72, wind SW 6. Felt like the delay had been worth it.

Not so fast folks. Horizon ahead became darker; checked radar and TSM heading our way. Decided rain is ok, but don't like lightening or sudden wave buildup accompanying such. So we voted to run into Mentor, about 2 hr and 23 miles after leaving.

Mentor Harbor Yachting Club was willing to just take us as a 'refuge' situation due to the TSM, but then when we saw how nice it was, and realized how tired we were already, decided to tuck into a slip for the night. Called Port Lorain and Kelleys I. and amended our reservations.

Checked the engines: all fluids fine, except of course the stbd coolant. The recovery tank was now showing maybe 1/2" red coolant on bottom, indicating the thermostat, radiator, etc were working and once the engine cools it will draw the 'overflow' back into the engines system.

Evidence again of some coolant loss under the engine but unable to locate any leak/spray/etc from the hose fittings. Will add coolant in the a.m. when engine cool, maybe a pint, to ensure don't get air being drawn into the system.

Discussed with boat mentors Ernie and Terry and likely the leak is a coolant hose fitting - the hoses are 16 yrs old, showing some fine cracks, soft [normal], but maybe a bit too soft around the ring clamps; especially since they are painted, suggesting original to the boat. Therefore, will order replacements [they are formed to fit the engine] and replace the one most likely leaking to start, then the others. In the meantime, will keep adding coolant.


A few of the Mentor marina but they don't really show how nice it is.

From Admirals Desk:

A frustrating day. First waiting for the fuel truck that arrived late, then the beyond SLOW pump to fill our boat. A slow $3.80/gal! I had to restrain myself from jumping out and whacking it with a big stick! Whacking things often gets them to work and if not, at least I tried and I feel better. 😁 We were by then about 3 hours behind on a 7 hr. trip. Without any further delays we would have arrived in Lorain close to 7:00. Too long a day for us but we carried on. Then the impending weather lead us to Mentor Harbor Yacht club for initially a refuge from the weather, but decided to stay over. Nicest club we've seen. Incredibly well kept, docks are clutterfree, clean, and amazingly, no goose #$%&!! I think it is either quite new or extensively refurbished. Unfortunately the restaurant is closed on Monday. We'll make do with leftovers.

The dark sky has cleared and it's beautiful out. It turns out that we could have managed the weather easily but glad we chose to stop. We're told that L. Erie can be very dangerous if the weather kicks up so better safe than sorry.

I'm hoping for a good night shot....... Ok, no night shot. Really neat and tidy marinas apparently don't do garish night lighting.

Planning: To Oasis at Port Lorain tomorrow, 5 hrs. Wx forecast good, but possible TSM in pm, so will leave early and get there before they form.


Ernie R  •  08 Jun, 2021 - I like Marg’s fix for things not operating up to spec! At least it always make me feel better! Even works on people, just be sure they are smaller than you!!

Deedee  •  09 Jun, 2021 - Definitely Lol