Days Events:

Wx turned out to be pleasant, no rain, cloudy in a.m. then sunny; temp 58/75, winds S 5-13.

Had a productive day: fixed the bimini corner twist snap - used 2 screws since my rivet gun wouldn't fit; adjusted the ropes to snug up the bimini frame and some waxed cord/twine around the fittings to stop the rattling when it's windy; replaced the failed Galvanic Isolator behind the electrical distribution panel - took twice as long because the new one is smaller so had to drill new holes, then the ground ring terminal connections were too small to go over the posts of the new isolator. Have 'yellow' ring terminal connectors but their crimped end isn't big enough for the #6 awg size [yellow is sized for #10], so had to temporarily cut down the wires to fit and after spraying all connections with T9, everything fits and good to go. Was going to order some from Amazon and then realized I likely already had some - was using the copper battery post terminal connectors in the a/c pump strainer to stop crud buildup within the a/c hosing - there are a box of sizes which will work here! Could have done that the first time but some days I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer and my memory is weaker than my aging bladder! Will replace the 3 ring terminals next 3 day stay we have - likely on Kelleys Island in the western end of L.Erie.

Photos: Marg took a neat one last night of the Sheraton and Conference Center across the harbor from us.

Watched a couple of training sessions for the TowboatUS staff - at first glance it appeared that the following towboat had a problem and was being towed by the leading one; then, we clued in and watched the teaching of the one doing the leading; it does take lots of practice to tow someone and prevent them running into docks or other boats.

Added a couple of belated photos from Molly Brannigans Irish Pub - the menu and drinks lists were impressive. It would be nice to have the time to go back.

From the Admirals Desk:

Another nice day. Pleasant temps and mostly sunny.

I fizzled out on my plan to go shopping at a store that wasn't a grocery store. It didn't seem worth the trouble. Cleaned the bathrooms instead. Phooey.

I did get to Wegmans. They're all big stores with a huge selection of everything. The deli, pre made specialty section is almost overwhelming. I was shopping alone today so took the time to really check things out. Of course, I ended up with things not on my list.😁 And, for the first time, the sign on the door said no masks required for those that are fully vaccinated! So there was a mixture in the store. This was the first time I've been in a grocery store that everyone wasn't masked since last year! Definitely need to buy lipstick!! Staff was still masked.

Its much busier here this evening. It's Friday, sunny and warm, so the pace is picking up. There are a few more boats, including another Looper. We'll try to say hello later.

We intended to eat out again tonight while we still have a car but its so nice out we decided to stay here. I bought a cheese tray with smoked gouda, aged cheddar, brie, figs, nuts, and dried fruit that was very excellent and will probably be supper.

The motorcycles are revving up for the evening. There are also trains, medi-vac helicopters and planes. We're under the flight path for both. We could shut the doors but it's too nice out. And no bugs!

That's all for today.


Tomorrow, return the rental car and get an Uber back here. Sunday leave for Geneva State Park Marina, 56miles west.

PS - An 85' Pacific Mariner just docked beside us. WOW! Gorgeous boat.


Ernie R  •  05 Jun, 2021 - You all are way too relaxed! Nothing ever fits without a drill!