Days Events:

Wx - cloudy, rainy off and on, temps 62 at dawn, rising to 70, winds S 10-15. Then, sun came out in evening and it was a grand end to the day.

Re: coolant - my 2nd boating Mentor, Terry, sent me a note suggesting the leak may be wnl [within normal limits] with a normal amount of coolant coming from the weeping hole and mixing with the usual oily-water when running a boat on open water. The amount in the bilge under the engine is indeed a mixture of scant oiliness on water with tinge of pink/green [had added 500ml of green antifreeze mistakenly to top up in recovery tank]. Still seems to be a bit too much to lose in a few days though - 500ml dropping to 0. Is that WNL? I don't know .

Regardless, bought some Peak Global [red, for diesels] at AutoZone today, put in 500ml, ran engine till operating temp for and watched for leaks/sprays from weeping hole or other places and saw none; the recovery tank did not drop. Maybe takes longer for the pressure to build, etc. Will check again at Geneva on Sunday. For now, no need to fill the hole in the water with more money - yet!

I cleaned all the fenders with soap/water using a sponge/scrub pad but need some Soft Scrub to get rid of deeper stains, etc. Marg will pick up some tomorrow at the grocery store. Cleaned the swim platform/transom of diesel stains, using just lake water; not much there compared to a week ago. Lots of stores still request masks but we did see one that said those vaccinated didn't need to wear one. After using an Uber to pick up our Enterprise rental, we drove to Geneva, OH, an hour SW, to the Geneva State Park Marina and picked up several Amazon deliveries we had shipped there, believing we would have been there sooner.

Then, after running the coolant test above, we went to Molly Brannigans Irish Pub downtown and had a great meal: I had a lamb/beef Shepherds Pie, while watching NHL hockey on their TV, followed by an Irish whiskey maple flavored Bread Pudding - all excellent; of course, in an Irish Pub, one has to have something with alcohol, so had a Whiskey Sour [with Irish Whiskey - what else] and then a shot of Jameson Cooper's Croze Irish Whiskey - not had it before and it ranks now with a good scotch! Only ate half of the Bread Pudding - took half home to enjoy tomorrow. Marg had a Boddingtons Pub Ale.

Photos: none today

From Desk of Admiral:

Laundry day. Whenever the laundry is reasonably close I like to do our towels. Our combo machine does ok but drying takes forever. It's pretty good on smaller lighter loads. I do a load every couple of days even when traveling.

Our drive to Geneva marina was nice. The landscaping in the nicer yards along the say was really pretty. Surprisingly, this far north, this is growing zone 6. A moderate climate with no extreme heat or cold. Lotus of rhododendrons and flowering shrubs and trees, beautiful colored foliage and lush evergreens. My garden club friends would like it here.

Dinner at the pub was good. I had cockles and mussels - oysters and mussels in a wine sauce with grape tomatoes and a little bit of sausage. The best part was eating in a restaurant! Life is beginning to feel somewhat normal.

It's a lovely evening here. Warmer than the past few days, don't need the heat on, and have the doors open. And no bugs coming in. The only negative is the motorcycles!! There is a constant whine of revving motorcycles. I blamed the New Yorkers but we're now in Pennsylvania!

I think tomorrow I'll go shopping. I might even attempt a department store for the first time in more than a year. I think there is a nice Macy's here....... I just checked, it's in a large mall that looks pretty nice. It may be a sensory overload!😄. I'll have to go to Wegmans as well. Actually, it will be interesting to see how long I can tolerate shopping. Amazon is my go-to place now and trudging thru a mall is not as appealing as it used to be. I'll probably be done an hour!! But I would like to buy some decent makeup and lipstick!! And you can never have too many shoes.

I'd best get to bed to rest up for my big outing tomorrow, so Good Night.


Will replace the Galvanic Isolator that came from Amazon, tomorrow. Need to wash the boat thoroughly and finish cleaning the fenders; and replace the broken bimini twist screw on the Fly Bridge. Marg is going shopping to Wegmans.


Ernie R  •  04 Jun, 2021 - Life almost sounds back to normal! Great food and spirits sure help! The rest of the adventure will just get better!

Joan  •  05 Jun, 2021 - Marg I can identify with your reluctance in shopping! How did you do?