Days Events:

Left Dunkirk at 08:00 in cloudy conditions, winds 6-10 SE, 59F, no waves essentially. As we left Dunkirk, took a snap of their power station now in process of being decommissioned; also saw a similar one last week. Followed shoreline about 2mi. to port as cruised SW to Erie, PA, 47 miles and 4.6hr later; water like glass at times, but looking to north could see some wave action; shore protected us nicely. There's a photo of the haze and calm waters - so folks could compare it to what we experienced on L.Ontario!!

We saw 3 fishing boats the whole trip and all three were trolling directly in our path!!!! Perhaps our planned route is following a seabed ridge, known for fishing? Had to alter course and reduce speed a bit [from 11 to 8mph] to minimize wake for them.

All in all, it was a very pleasant day to be on the boat.

Arriving in Erie, one navigates through a narrow channel into a large bay and then a second narrow channel into the harbor where Wolverine Bay Marina and another marina are located. A few photos show the entry between the Sheraton Hotel and the Conference Center [with an enclosed pedestrian bridge 65ft above the channel]; they are attractive, as seen in photos from the marina itself.

-----The marina seems well managed; great staff, good docks, office-store, a gate lock, laundry/showers/toilets [see photo]. It was the easiest docking we've had so far. They have 40 slips, all transient, except for TowboatUS station, local conservation and police boats.

-----Erie is a nice sized city, 97k. Downtown is only a few blks away with several restaurants - we will attempt to dine out twice, once we get our Enterprise rental tomorrow.

-----I may have found the source of the leaking coolant in the stbd engine - the coolant drain plug on the outboard side. The threaded plug had some coolant 'dampness' around its base and was just above where most of the coolant had collected on the pads. I was able to tighten it about 1/8 turn, compared to the port sides plug which was immovable. We then ran the engine for 15 min. and found no new 'dampness'. Took a photo of the plug [the port engine since it is too awkward to get one of the real culprit].

I had taken off the drive belt shroud to look at the weep hole for the water pump, as boating mentor Ernie suggested, and found no moisture, etc. there. Left the shroud off for now and will check after the next cruising day again.

We celebrated by having a craft beer - Honey Brown Ale, from Rochester, NY, and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, with chips. [see photo]

Photos - as described above. Also, one showing the helm with the 4 chartplotters [2 are Galaxy Tablets] and other navigation/engine controls/monitors; and the admiral at her command station overseeing the captain; her eyes never miss anything!! [makes the captains job easier] Grabbed a shot of what our berth room can look like on laundry day - our washer-dryer combo doesn't dry as well as at home and we have to hang up some things and be patient.

From Desk of the Admiral:

A very nice cruising day. Sort of like driving in your condo. A smooth ride in comfortable surroundings. We're spoiled and happy to admit it! I'm sure this won't last. Comfortable surroundings yes, smooth ride probably not.

The photo of Rob contorted around the engines is typical. Nothing ever leaks on the easy to get to stuff! Hopefully he has found the solution to our chronic leak. Bringing in a mechanic has never cost less than $1000.00. And it's usually multiples of that.

I decided to make lemon garlic chicken and basil parmesan orzo for supper. And peas, Rob's favorite. After his engine contortions, I thought he was deserving of his favorite! Unfortunately, I made my usual huge mess in the kitchen. Phooey. [but, it tasted great! rjw]

We seem to be the only boaters overnighting in the marina. Its very quiet here, a change from last night. No nonstop bar music but there are still motorcycles! What is with motorcycles?!

Its raining here this evening. A soft rain that sounds and smells wonderful. Makes everything seem fresh.

Well, time to attack the kitchen mess, so that's all from me.

Planning: need to wash the boat tomorrow, remove diesel stains which are relatively mild compared to last week. Also, take our rental to drive to Geneva State Park Marina and pick up several Amazon packages they are holding for us - giving me some more work to do.

Will pick up some red coolant to top up the recovery tank and monitor the level, run the engine again up to operating temp and look for leaks. If tank level drops again and still leaking, hopefully can find mechanic with radiator pressure tester - there is an affiliate service next door. Will be here till Sunday, then cruise to Geneva.


Ernie R  •  03 Jun, 2021 - Great pictures! A little time in the engine room makes the beer taste so much better! Good spot on the drain plug but doubt it could leak the amount you are losing. Does coolant heat hot water tank? If it were compromised you would notice funny hot water. If heat exchanger leaking coolant would just go out with raw water but should notice higher than normal temp if leak severe enough. Easy fix is just carry plenty of coolant and beer!