Days Events:

Watched our looper friends boat, Here's To Us, being piloted away at 06:30 to go up the Welland this a.m. ; the 3-man crew will be picked up in Buffalo from the boat this evening - hopefully, as the wx on the L.Erie side may prevent them getting from Port Colburn/Welland Canal to Buffalo. Sam & Rev have their own car here and after turning over the boat to the pilot captain, they headed to Buffalo to await the transit completion. [see photos of them and of their boat leaving]

Just to help remind us we are not really in control of much, our captain pilot has just notified me that the forecast has not improved for Friday with 3-6' waves and gusts up to 25-30mph making it too dangerous to control a boat like ours navigating into the channel and locks. So likely we will wait here until he has confirmed another reservation, hopefully for Sunday/Monday, when the forecast is much better. Welland has single direction traffic on alternating days again this year: only upbound on Sun/Mon/Wed/Fri, and down-bound Tues/Thurs/Sat.

One problem with making too detailed plans is when a postponement like this occurs: have to contact each of the marinas we've already reserved spots at; they are all great about modifying plans.

The Great Lakes Wx Portal has been predicting bad wx for Friday for the past several days, so we are not surprised. Assuming there is a transit spot available, we should be ok for Monday at the latest. [if anyone is interested in looking at this NOAA forecasting model, here are the two links that we have been using:; ]

In the mean time, I fixed [hopefully] the porthole seal, using butyl tape [a soft putty like sealing tape, not an adhesive] but will wait and see if it works. Thought the forward manual bilge pump had failed, but with investigation found that only the indicator light on the dash panel isn't working - likely needs to just have the terminal contacts cleaned of corrosion.

Added coolant to the stbd reservoir - this is the 2nd time since last summer; added a pint of 50-50 and marked the level. Used a hand pump to transfer the coolant from the gal container since the lid to the reservoir is almost touching the ceiling; if I didn't have the pump, would have to lift up the section of salon flooring above it [the admiral was so impressed with my not having to do that, she is baking bread as I type!!] The port side still has some fluid in it.

Tried to replace a 'twist' snap stub for the corner of the canvas bimini top on the port radar arch, which has been broken since last year, allowing the bimini cover to flap in the wind; drilled out the old rivets and bracket ok, but when attempted to insert the blind rivet, the nose on the tool is too 'fat' and wouldn't let the rivet sit flush -- so it wouldn't catch underneath. Bummer. So, filled the small holes in the radar arch with some butyl tape [it's really similar to plumbers putty, but doesn't get hard] to prevent water getting it.

Plans: always in doubt! For now, we are going to run to Youngstown tomorrow afternoon, when the forecast shows the waves to be only 1 ft and the winds mild. We will then only be 9 miles from the entrance to the Welland.

Photos: of our looper friends and of their boat, Here's To Us, which is heading for the Welland under a commercial crew; one of a septic pump truck pumping out the holding tank of a 60' Tiara nearby - he has a 4'6" draft and with only 5' of water in these slips, he was 'on the bottom' and didn't want to stir up more mud to take his Tiara over to the pumpout station; so the septic 'Honey Wagon' truck was here anyway and was being used to enable the Tiara to continue to use its heads.

One of a family of swans in the channel just beyond our slip. The marinas in the harbor are surrounded by homes. The restaurant is up a small hill right behind us [see photo].

From the Desk of the Admiral:

A stay on the boat day. Finished up some cleaning, vacuuming etc. Its a small space so clutter and dust accumulate quickly. I had hoped to get to a grocery store but no uber here. Or taxis. We met some other loopers this evening that call this their home port and offered a ride if needed. May take them up on the offer. My shopping list is growing. There are quite a few people around the marina, which is a change. Places are opening and the holiday weekend is coming.

I made bread this afternoon. I was getting bored and the weather was crappy. It started out warm and humid then got cooler with windy rain squalls. The bread turned out ok.😁

We ended up staying on the boat for supper. The restaurant had a good blues band playing outside right behind us. Enjoyed the music without the chilly wind.

Our plans for tomorrow are still somewhat up in the air. We'll decide after checking the weather in the morning. We can stay here until we think its ok for us fairweather boaters to venture out.

That's all for today!


Ernie R - 27 May 2021 If something doesn’t fit drill bigger hole! Butly tape should work but don’t think you earned fresh baked bread with real butter! Can’t believe you walk on gravel to yo boat! Wow, serious honey pot truck.