Days Events:

We found a window of wx opportunity this afternoon, with winds 7-10 WNW and waves 1-2' and sunny; the waves had been 2-3 in the a.m. and again this evening and worse tomorrow at 6-9' with winds projecting ENE 20-29mph; not pleasure boating at all, and dangerous conditions for trying to get into the locks/channel - thus the postponement of the transit up the Welland.

We had lots of rock'n & roll'n initially when we left the protection of Wilson Harbor and adapted with zig-zagging to minimize the rolling; worked well; another lesson learned. Only an hour and half travel, and though not really 'rough', we are water wussies and want only pleasure boating. Once we get through the Welland, time will be less of an issue and we can wait for only 'good' travel days. The Great Lakes are notorious for crazy wx.

Now docked at Youngstown Yacht Club, on the Niagara R. - we can almost touch Canadian soil, maybe a half mile away. This YYC marina is small but friendly, with a repairs shop next to it. The town of Youngstown has 1,880 population and is about 16 miles north of Niagara Falls and 40 miles from Buffalo; it is at the mouth of the Niagara R. as it enters L.Ontario, with the US-CAN border running down the middle of the river. The marina is primarily a sailing club; a dozen sail boats are tied up in the river to mooring balls [see photos - with many more yet to be launched], which we had to navigate through and avoid clipping the mooring lines, especially with a river current of 2-3knots.

The Harbor Master, Adam, and his dad who is a former Club Commodore and has lived on this rivers shore in the same house 1/4 mi. south of us, say this shore will be well protected from the severe wx forecast for tomorrow; good to know.


Two of the YYC mooring fields [boats tied to 'mooring balls' in the water, requiring them to use a dinghy to get to the shore]; and one from Wilson Harbor's Bootlegger Cove Marina this a.m. - a not uncommon sight of a fishing boat with more poles and holders than I have hair!!!


Waiting to hear tomorrow, hopefully, that our captain and crew can transit the Canal - CBSA have approved the transit, pending the crew remaining the same folks; if not, have to file another application. So, had our beer and a rather fat slice of fresh white bread raised and baked by the Admiral; had 2 more slices for supper, with an always tasty bowl of her chili. Tomorrow, we will go the YYC restaurant for their Friday Nite Fish Fry!

From the Desk of the Admiral:

Managed a trip for groceries this morning. The Canadian couple with the 60' Tiara have their vehicle here and offered a ride. The store was an old store, actually pretty shabby looking, but had a surprisingly good selection of stuff. I got pretty much every thing on my list.

It was an interesting docking today. First had to thread thru the mooring ball field then basically parallel park between 2 sailboats on a face dock. Fine maneuvering by Rob. People on the dock to catch lines is always a big help!

Lots of friendly people around. Men boaters like to wander the dock and gather to talk about boats. They really aren't interested in talking to me so I don't interrupt. They don't know what they're missing!😂😂😂

It's chili night. It seemed to suit the weather.

We added to our list of lost fenders. The water got very rough as we were exiting Wilson Harbor so I couldn't get to to the bow to bring it in. All the rolling and rocking just beat it off. Unfortunately, it was one of ball fenders (called bingle balls in Margaret boat speak😂) and they start at $100. Phooey.

Other than doing the dishes I'm done for the day.



Deedee - 28 May 2021 Looks more like hair on your moustache!!! Lol

Ernie R - 28 May 2021 Will be great to get through the Welland! Marg, try wearing Rob’s shirt with “Captain” on it, the guy’s will be talking then! Can send free fender ball if you pay shipping!

Ann R - 28 May 2021 Hi Marg, you probably wouldn’t be interested in what those men boaters have to say anyway. It would be like reading the AGLCA blog about septic tanks and filters and electronics and other boring things. Need to find some educated women to visit with! (No offense intended to Rob & Ernie!)