Days Events:

Left at 08:00 in partial sun, 68F, winds SW 6-10mph; wx stayed pretty much the same the whole day except the temp rose to the low 80's; no rain, though 51% risk of TSM. Waves were on our bow, initially only ripples but built to 1-2ft mid way, then settled back to 1ft. We were able to follow the shoreline 0.5 to 1mi offshore which reduced our waves. Lots of subdivisions of homes.

Ran the engines at 1800rpm for 11.4mph the whole day which resulted in little diesel staining of the transom c/t the previous two runs. Still washed off this evening, using initially 'Gold' auto soap and then for the residual tough stains, the Spray Nine. The engines have all been running well, normal gauges, normal oil levels, etc.

The stbd porthole leaked again; able to see it coming from the lower seal, despite tightening the 3 screw clamps as tight as possible. Will try a thin strip of adhesive door insulation; or, might even run a bead of clear silicone caulking if the other fails.

Photos: none today. Will take some tomorrow.

Planning: confirmed reservations at Erie Basin Marina in Buffalo, where we will meet our captain returning D.A. from the Welland Canal. Also, marinas in Erie, PA, and Geneva, PA.

From the Desk of the Admiral:

Another ok travel day. Docking had the potential of being "interesting". The wind was gusting and the slip was one with only a piling between us and a 60' Manhattan. Fortunately our Looper friends were already docked next to us and came to catch our lines. We would have been ok but help is always appreciated. Boaters always help other boaters.

There are others here waiting to get thru the Welland. It seems the border control bureaucrats left hands aren't talking to the right hands. We're still on for Friday. Fingers crossed for no more last minute bureaucratic whims.

Bootleggers is a nice marina, and for a change, we're close to the restaurant. In fact, its right behind us. Probably go for dinner tomorrow. Many marina restaurants are just opening for the summer season. It still feels like spring up here compared to Al.

A BIG spider just walked by! HA! not walking anymore.😈

That's all for tonight. PS. Happy birthday Warren.


Ernie R - 26 May 2021 Tightening things makes us feel better but most often does not stop leaks! Sad, no pictures! A picture of the spider would have been appreciated.