Days Events:

We had a v.leisurely day. I cleaned the transom and aft deck of all the diesel stains; much brighter white now; the admiral is impressed.

Reviewed the inventory and a few other things. Went for a walk to the Office building [without my mask] which has an ATM - they are enforcing masks [a couple of security fellows in the building foyer] but since the ATM was just inside the door they didn't make me go back for the mask.

Reading another John Sandford novel; Marg is also.

Watched the wx all day and it confirmed we were wise [for us] to defer travel. Tomorrow shows no waves despite 10mph winds from the south - the shoreline protects us from a wave buildup. Confirmed reservations at Youngstown, where the captain and crew will pick up our boat early Friday a.m.

That's all for now.

From the Desk of the Admiral:

Definitely a leisurely day. Puttered around doing a little bit of everything. I did make the tandoori grilled chicken. Let it marinate all day. Very tasty new recipe. Also made a rice salad that seemed to go well with the tandoori flavors. And peas! If all else fails Rob will still have peas and be happy!!

This marina is next to a beach that gets pretty busy. Last evening was nonstop very loud music, partying, and motorbikes revving and racing. Apparently it gets really wild on holiday weekends. Rochester seems like a tough place; one of the poorest cities and has a high crime rate. And an interesting news item I just read about Rochester - the mayor (named Lovely) whose husband was just arrested with unregistered guns, $100K cash, and drugs in a car, is under investigation for campaign finance fraud!!

Time to say goodnight!


Ernie R - 25 May 2021 You all find the best places to stay! And give new meaning to a “leisurely “ day!

Ann R - 25 May 2021 Tandoori chicken sounds yummy! Share the recipe? I just caught up with your blogadventures already! Keep the Captain straight (like he has time to fritter anyway. ) We Miss you & wish we could be there too. Enjoy.